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Thread: Patch help.

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    Unhappy Patch help.

    I got a patch for Trainz 2009 but when i try to run it, it says:

    Ready to install from local patch file.
    Current version: 38824.
    Target version: 41497.

    Checking for available disk space for patching.
    Insufficient disk space available for patching. Please ensure that at least 4096MB are available.
    Patching aborted.

    But i have 50GB of space, so i don't get it.

    Help me please.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Start with registering the version of your game to your account. Currently we have no clue which version you are talking about or that you even have it legally.

    Once that is covered we can take the next step.
    And please next time just post left-aligned.

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    I can't, i got my copy second-hand. And they have already registered an account. But i have an old version of Trainz 2009 with a certain bug. So please help me.
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