Thiings that went wrong

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Hi all you may know that I convert asnd repackage TS09 content so that it will work in TRS2004/TRS2006.
Well on my latest conversion on jay hollands L1 BR you would not believe the things that went wrong
First up the L1 BR Loco interior was sourced as the L1 SR livery which meant that when you went to the cab you got to see the SR interior and the SR body instead of the BR livery.
Next up was the L1 BR Tender which had its chassis sourced as the L1 SR chassis which meant that the wheels were green insted of them being black.
Last of all I was trying to rush the conversion and I managed to miss out some info that should have been put with the bogies that cause the wheels on the Loco to be out of place and look strange.
Here are some screen shots of the things that went wrong click on them to see them in full size
Green Wheels
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Strange Wheels
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  1. mezzoprezzo's Avatar
    Looks like that wheely went wrong!

    Thanks Robin for all of the hard work repackaging these for the users of older versions, and the patience to get it right.

  2. robin_hoods's Avatar
    You should have seen the strange wheels Loco going down the track it looked really funny
    Updated October 3rd, 2013 at 08:19 AM by robin_hoods