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Updated September 2nd, 2014 at 04:36 AM by ish6

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  1. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning Colonists --

    Minor update -- Over 100 items & Video Clip next week! --
    Note -- My Marsz Universe is 1000 years from our current date!
    For now til then see what I've been doing, just an example! And for the curious minds, yes, small vehicles, size of school buses are coming too! LOL)

    Have a safe and good day!
    And do not forget to stop by my garage! LOL
    MARSZ Stuff in Development (3dMax)

    EDITED --- PIX
    Updated April 25th, 2015 at 09:32 AM by ish6
  2. ish6's Avatar
    Good Saturday Afternoon Colonists --

    A huge upload, over 180+ items both new and updated!

    Updated items are structures made years ago that has gotten a facelift with the new dark gray texture! If you have used these items just update when prompt to do so for the chances to take place via T12, etc!

    Also, I am getting into huge machines, and if you think its' not common to see these huge machinery lust type:
    oversize loads in bing search or whatever search engine you use, and you will see how huge loads can be found on Earth.

    Now, The Journey to Marsz begins on Earth-- This is a route that Claude (Tokkyu40) made for me 6 years ago -- I titled it Inter-Urban Metro line! It's a TGV route, but it's an electrical route so you can basically run any train on it, including freight! -- It's 55 miles long, no curves; However, I have re-constructed it by adding tons of things for today's trainz! Added more land on the sides, the cities have been re-done, among many changes, but still keeping honest with what Claude did! From one end, where a huge city is built to across country to where the beaches are to enjoy, and a bit behind the beaches shorelines where you will fine the launch pad to take off to Marsz! Hint -- Haven't built the launch site yet, but it will be as large as the real NASA site here in Florida! -- For pictures and updates on this route click here:
    Inter-Urban Metro Lines (You can subscribed to the thread there for update notification!

    Also, do not forget to keep this link handle: MARSZ Stuff in Development (3dMax)
    Since I only use the Marsz Blog to post updates and uploads information, this link is where I can post of what I am working on daily! Subscribed for update notification!

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  3. ish6's Avatar
    Updated April 25th, 2015 at 09:34 AM by ish6
  4. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning Colonists --

    I've landed on Earth, and received some disturbing news for the N3V Headquarters! In lames' term, they just pulled the rug right under my feet without notice! Any version under 3.7 will NOT be supported, although their end-cycle policy stated this would not happened until September of next year. So, what does this mean to me?

    Well, I have two decisions here: Either weathered the storm of contents that I have made, and modified it for 3.7, or leave the trainz world!!

    Well, I've decided to stick around ...

    Programs like what Shane hosts on his site has helped fix many of these issues quickly! Also, it is time consuming going through each folder to change the kuids, built, and minor issues, and it's boring and tiresome; However, thanks to 3rd party programs I have fixed over 100 items with 500 here and there, etc .... give or take!

    Since I have two routes: Earth and Marsz working on them at the same time, plus upgrading old contents that's at the DLS, and creating new contents, and not to mention real life, etc .... All will take time! Nevertheless, one day all these things will come together in a happy Journey!

    I know we're a small community, and that's cool, because one all this will come together in a beautiful tapestry of creative imagination, and I have a feeling there's a lot Marsz fans in the woods waiting for that day to come!

    Well, back to modifying items --
    Everyone take care, and always be safe in the world!
  5. JCitron's Avatar
    I smelled this coming awhile ago and typical of the crew there. There is a developer, who I won't name here, that has a 100% disconnect from the community. His vision is to make the program to work for them rather than a product that works easily for the end-user. We are always treated as second-fiddle when it comes to updated information, and when we ask we're treated like we're a bothersome group who gets in the way. Anyway, this has been a conversation I have had with my buddies off and on about N3V offline.

    For mass updating items such as build-numbers, I use a simple search and replace utility called Search and Replace Master.

    Simply set the drive, path, check subdirectories, (I use D:\N3V\TS12\User Data\editing because my TS12 is located there), and set the search term in the other tab to replace with. To ensure that the spacing is correct, I copy the line from a config.txt file and use that as my template.

    With 100's of assets opened for edit at once, they can all be updated or changed in an instant. I've used this to fix such things as "desicription" and change to description as a tag, or the mode 1 to mode timeofday, etc. It even works for KUID updates for missing dependencies where you have to change the KUID in multiple places.

    You might have to do this in batches, meaning group a bunch of 2.9 assets and change those first, then work through the other build-numbers. Keep in mind that just updating the build-number may not fix the problem. The higher the build-number may result in non-compliant tags or containers, meaning what works in 2.9 isn't valid in 3.7 or higher. This is evident with uniform color. What is a warning in 2.9 becomes an error in 3.7, and there might be others I'm not aware of. AssetX will help as well, but I find that a bit confusing... Then again, that's probably just me getting confused.

    Anyway, good luck with this, Ish. I too have been at my wits end and have contemplated removing the whole shebang off my hard drives, but then 10-years of use and all the work I've put into my own routes and support here makes me think otherwise. At this point in the game, I'm not sure if I will even install TANE, but that's another bridge to cross when that day comes.

  6. ish6's Avatar
    Good Evening John, sir

    First, thank you for your informative post!

    I feel that the Lack of respect shown to us Creators have destroyed my motivation to move forward. I think N3V has forgotten that the DLS is their bread and better, and we are the one's that feed that monster, since there's thousands of items stored in their servers. Change is change, and we go through it through life everyday, but it's just the way they did it! --- out of the blue!!!

    Also, thank you for link, and I'm sure I am going to be busy using that program! There's thousands of Marsz items that are old that I am updating whenever I can, so it will come in handle, sir!

    Lastly, lots of my items have texture issues, but luckily for me that Pev's image2TGA has handled this in bulks! (In CMP+, open with, and it automatically fixes the textures -- I learned this from Shane on one of his posts) Surprisingly, not much issue at all, besides the built number! I am more upset of the sudden lack of respect that N3V give us, NO time to adopt to these new changes!

    Below - Pev tools --- they come in handles for these unexpected issues!

    Take care now, John,
    Be in great health, sir!
  7. butler57's Avatar
    My Post in Forums:

    N3V have stated that TANE will be backward compatible with TS12 - that's fine, but in that would have to at least support build 2.9 and above is my guess.
    Also, N3V should also be aware that the customer base has spent endless hours:
    1. Downloading content
    2. Creating content
    3. Repairing content

    They have also spent money on:
    1. Buying updated Trainz
    2. Buying content from N3V & 3rd Party
    3. Buying updating 3d programs to create content

    Basically what I am saying is that everyone into Trainz has made some sort of commitment be it time, money or anything else to support the product.

    And at a rough guess it would be in N3V's best interest to maintain the good relations (currently under threat) and keep on supporting user and creationist up to TS12 and builds 2.9 and above for at least the next few years until.
    A. The users update to TANE
    B. Creators get time to fix/repair and build TANE compliant assets (that by the way should be backward compatible to TS12).

    I can only encourage all our dedicated creators to hang in and not chuck in the towel - we the user love you all.

    Hang in there Ish.

  8. JCitron's Avatar

    I agree it is all about the lack of respect here and total disregard for the community. Changes are good and are needed to grow and develop whether human or a company, however, sudden changes are disruptive and one such as this is outright inconsiderate. It's moves like this which can impact the growth of a company substantially by showing disregard for its users and customers. It shows how much they really don't care about their customers except for their money.


    Well said. Hopefully this gets noticed a the top and policies are changed, but again I feel the people in charge have the wool pulled up in front of their eyes through technical jargon, which I've seen that way too much in my old working days.

  9. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning Colonists --

    This is an unusual step for the Marsz blog, but since I was one of the lobbies pushing N3V to express themselves of the current events, it is only fair to post that info via link!

    This is Tony's response:

    Open Letter to the Trainz Content Creator Community

    Now that's settle, I can leave Earth!
    New and updated contents ... all error free -- will hit the DLS during the next couple of weeks! -- Huge load!

    As always, please be safe in the real world!
    Thank you for spending, at least, a minute with me!

  10. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning Colonists --
    How is everyone doing, great I hope!

    I normally do not do this, but since the DLS has been stuck in a traffic jam (being nice here), it seems to be processing packages one at a time at different days of the week, so what all this means is that I will updating the blog a little bit more then usual; So, for example I will list what's on the DLS and will be at the DLS within 24hrs, whenever those items are processed, like what I am doing now - So, I could be doing the same thing in a few days from now, updating blog, LOL! Why this? Well, just to keep on track of the new and updated uploads, and it's massive, guys the files.... there's like nearly 200 items pending, and not sure if they will go through all at once, or not -- Well, let me get started!

    As I am updated old items, I am using very general terms to keep items together, so for example, Structure 465 - 503 are all pillars, in one fashion or another! From the old items just picking stuff at random, so anything can be updated at any time!

    Also, 95% of updated and new items will be using the snap on grid from now on! It's just much easier to organized items when working with them on the baseboard, Apologies if any of these items effect your layout -- Please make the necessary adjustment!

    BTW - Bold means new items!!!

    Marsz-I Structure 425 - 439 are all updated -- Fading out all gray items for the new dark textures!

    Marsz-I Structure 465 - 503 are all updated -- Fading out all gray items for the new dark textures!

    These two has been updated with new engine and new texture to match Marsz new look!
    Marsz-I (eng) The Accelerator (A)
    Marsz-I (eng) The Accelerator (B)

    Marsz-I Structure 441 (Super Grilled Unloader)(R14) <KUID:58223:30301>
    Marsz-I Structure 442 (Super Grilled Unloader)(R14) <KUID:58223:30302>
    Marsz-I Structure 443 (Super Grilled Unloader)(R7) <KUID:58223:30304>
    Marsz-I Structure 444 (Super Grilled Unloader)(R7) <KUID:58223:30305>

    Structure 441-444 is designed around R7 and R14 ... These Rovers will load & Unload! Everything has been named so it's easy to fine things, since I have nearly 5000 Marsz items! -- video of these items in action will come -- I've made the videos, but have yet put it together! For now enjoy screenshot below!

    Also, a very long time ago a sci site released their models for free, with registration -- anyone who registered could do anything with these models -- Well, I have a lot of them, and I converted a couple to trainz, and they really look nice -- I added my marsz touch, like bogies, texturing, etc ... I will display one of them in a video clip too!

    Marsz layout is coming together nicely -- I put two full days behind it! It's difficult because I need to balance Marsz, Contents, and Metro route, so it will take time! -- I know a couple of you have Marsz layouts, so, if you are considering sessions drop me an email whenever that time comes, and we can work on that!

    Lastly, do you have NETFLIX? If you do check out "Space Odyssey episode 1 & 2" ... it's a kind of a scifi documentary, one of those of "what if" .... they travel to Venus, Mars (check out the sky, same sky that I use, cool... LOL), Jupiter, etc ... it's a fun ride!

    Well, maybe I see you in a few days.... depends on the DLS!
    Thank you for stopping by, at least, for a 1 minute of your time!
    Take Care, be safe!

    This is a video that I found, or someone recommend to me, was you Butler? --- I can't remember! Anyhow, it's cool!
    Terraforming Mars

    Updated May 5th, 2015 at 12:08 PM by ish6
  11. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning Colonists --

    This is a DLS Update -- It seems that the DLS is now thoroughly checking contents (me thinks), so I can only speculate this is the reason why packages are being process one at a time in a slow pace, or it could be all of the changes due to the coming of TANE - Regardless, the list below are items either made recently available or will be in the next 24hrs! A

    utomatically download via Trainz and enjoy!

    Updated to 3.7 - New texture, issues fixed, and re-named!

    Marsz-I Track-Side 000 (Pillar) -- 010 / 021 --029
    Marsz-I Structure 515 (Shielding) -- 519
    Marsz-I Flatcar 000 -- 039
    Marsz-I Structure 445-462


    Marsz-I Paint Ore 00 (Green Rocks) <KUID:58223:30293>
    Marsz-I Paint Ore 01 (Red Rocks) <KUID:58223:30294>
    Marsz-I Cab For Marsz Vehicles 05 - 07
    (One of which is Dons', who made changes at my request - Thank you, sir)
    Marsz-I Logman Transports 00 (LOADS) - 03 (For my dear friend from Pittsburg)
    Marsz-I Track 59 (Bridge Track) -- 62
    Marsz-I Freight 08 (65ft)

    A few packages did not made it through due to 1 or 2 items that still needs fixing.

    Well, I'll see you in a few days with another DLS update!
    Take Care guys, be safe, always!
    Updated May 7th, 2015 at 03:38 AM by ish6
  12. ish6's Avatar
    Good Afternoon Colonists --

    Marsz Deep Exploration Survey Team has discovered a new planet! Although it's breaking news, we're decades before we can even consider mining, or even sending colonists to the " Green Planet" -- A small team onboard our newest deep space ship is at the planet right now taken surveys of the planet! --


  13. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning colonists --

    Yet, another DLS update, however, finally all 6 packages went through, so, another update won't be until next week, or so....

    Updated to 3.7

    Marsz-I Track-Side 011 (Pillar) -- 020
    Marsz-I Structure 507 (Pillar) -- 514
    Marsz-I Structure 520 (Passageway) --538
    Marsz-I Structure 464 (Rocket Launcher Facility)
    Marsz-I Structure 194 (Pillar/Track) -- 195


    Marsz-I Passengers v3 <KUID:58223:41558>

    Make all the necessary update via T12, etc ...

    Here's another Marsz video from youtube -- very cool!
    How we can transform Mars into a habitable planet
  14. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning Colonists --
    Hope everyone's well on this Sunday!

    I bring many new items, primarily products! These products will load onto rovers that I have yet to upload, however, I wanted to upload the products first, so there should not be any dependency issues! If they are, please drop me a note!


    Marsz-I Trans-Habitat 25-45



    Marsz-I Product A Container -- Marsz-I Product H Container
    Marsz-I Product Pipe Dia 00 -- 07

    Marsz-I PrD Loads Ore 00 (Green Rocks)(R7)(R14) <KUID:58223:41567>
    Marsz-I PrD Loads Ore 01 (Red Rocks)(R7)(R14) <KUID:58223:41568>
    Marsz-I PrD Loads Rock 00 (Red Rocks)(R7)(R14) <KUID:58223:41569>
    Marsz-I PrD Loads Sand 00 (R7)(R14) <KUID:58223:41570>
    Marsz-I PrD Loads Gravel 00 (R7)(R14) <KUID:58223:41571>
    Marsz-I PrD Loads Sand 01 (R7)(R14) <KUID:58223:41572>
    Marsz-I PrD Loads Sand 02 (R7)(R14) <KUID:58223:41573>
    Marsz-I PrD Loads Sand 03 (red)(R7)(R14) <KUID:58223:41574>
    Marsz-I PrD Loads Ore 02 (Uranium)(R7)(R14) <KUID:58223:41575>
    Marsz-I PrD Loads Coal 00 (Anthracite)(R7)(R14) <KUID:58223:41576>
    Marsz-I PrD Loads Coal 01 (Bitumen Coal)(R7)(R14) <KUID:58223:41577>

    Marsz-I Spline 15 (Construction Yard) <KUID:58223:29281>
    Marsz-I Structure 398 (Construction Yard) <KUID:58223:30286>
    Marsz-I Structure 399 (Construction Yard) <KUID:58223:30287>
    BOGEYS A,B,C -- Three length sizes (right and left versions)
    Marsz-I Structure 303 -- 310
    Marsz-I Structure 360 -- 363

    Marsz-I Freight 14 (LOADS) <KUID2:58223:25052:2>
    Marsz-I Freight 15 (ST12)(LOADS) <KUID:58223:30292>

    Download update via Trainz, and let your imagination run wild!

    Now, working on a new system -- See pix below!

    Well, have fun, thanks for stopping by!
    Take care, be safe!

  15. MTD-SGR's Avatar
    G'day ishie,

    I have only just landed on Marsz, and am very impressed with your work, previously dismissed by me as not really Trainz.

    Ok what I need to know, are there any specifications for creating Marsz Modules.

  16. ish6's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MTD-SGR
    G'day ishie,

    I have only just landed on Marsz, and am very impressed with your work, previously dismissed by me as not really Trainz.

    Ok what I need to know, are there any specifications for creating Marsz Modules.

    Hi Michael --

    All dependence on you, sir! For example, you might create a different type of Marsz of your liking, and therefore, all of your modules will follow those guidelines! But, in the other hand, if you create a module using my themes, in terms of how I have set up my own marsz, then yes, because you would need to set the sky and textures to match. However, I say, if you're really into this type of trainz create for yourself, and maybe you see a world slowly come together, especially if you create different type of modules for each of them to merge and match! --- To be honest, sir, the different between Earth routes and Marsz is location -- the duties are still there to provide good and services, and vast amount of commodities! In fact, on Marsz you might find rare elements and ore, and coal not found on Earth, LOL... I wish I can show you all this but my Marsz layout has taken an eternity to finish!

    If you're not sure about jumping into this Marsz world I say, experiment slowly, and see how that feels and leads too!
    All in all, I say built your own Marsz -- there are a couple of guys that have their own marsz layout still in development, and each layout is far different then the other! So, who knows, if you do get into it you might create a world of your own!

    Footnote -- There's Marsz contents made by Donplm49, Ede627, Bendorsey, Arraial ... We used different keywords to upload, for example Marsz-D is Don's creations, where as Marsz-I is me! Download what you need, since there's 5000 items ... Experiment with Ede627 and Donplm49 -- And, don't forget to download Don's junction to switch the maglev track!

    Oh, btw, since we don't really focus using rail tracks on Marsz, I have made them for marsz, anyhow! - But you can use tracks .... the idea is to be creative!

    Take Care now, and thanks for interest!
  17. ish6's Avatar

    Good Afternoon Colonists

    It's been a while that I have upload / updated anything, but that's because I have been having PC issues due to my new video card -- My PC case has been overheating. so I ordered a new mid-tower case that can handle 4 120mm fans, which is coming next week! Hopefully that fixes this issue, when I transfer everything from one case into the other!!! -- I feel like a doctor ready to operate!

    Also. TANE arrived yesterday. so thank very much for the Christmas gift -- you know who you are! ... it's very cool, especially the name tag!

    Today my two girls graduated from kindergarden, so we're taken them to the Disney Animal Kingdom Hotel for 3 days! --
    I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend as we will, and always be safe!

  18. ish6's Avatar
    Good Afternoon Colonists --

    Well, I have good and bad news (sort off)!Bad news, sort off: A few months back I've decided to purchase a video card for TANE - This video card needed 450w, so I bought a power supply too, and then I took the old pc and upgrade it with the new components; However, old PC did not like that, so I got a new case, and motherboard with process too, but my bad luck the power supply malfunction -- Deadline to return expired, so I put back the old pc back together in its' original form, however, this old PC can't handle TANE, but it can handle T12 without any issues! Still, T12 was always going to be the primary version for creating and testing contents, where as TANE will only be use on the new pc for route building! I can still work on the Marsz route in T12, but we all know T12 limitation compare to TANE! --- Now the "sort of" is that, at least, by the time I get my new case operating TANE should have enough patches and fixes to make it run smoothly! Because of monetary issues I can't, at this time, offed what is needed for the new case / motherboard to run the new pc! It's going to take a while, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

    Good news: This old pc is back online, and I am ready to, once again, begin the massive overhaul of all Marsz items! Updating and upgrading will begin today, and continue for months and months, etc ... Before I had these pc issues I working with Ben Dorsey on some anim items, and below are some screenshots of what I was going to showcase -- Finally, I can do that now!

    Oh, yeah, I found my old windows 8 PRO CD so updated this pc to get ready for the free windows 10 OS coming shortly! Having issues with some graphic programs, but that should be fix soon so I can begin creating contents again!

    Now, Bendorsey created some more contents at my request, so please download those items, as they will serve as dependencies sometime in the future -- use CMP+ to get them into trainz!

    Now you will see two vehicles below: A DRILLER AND PRESSER!
    The Driller is 99% done, and all it needs is a ladder! The drill bit attached rotates (anim) -- Thanks to Ben!
    The Presser needs work, but I want it to showcase it, still, since it's been a while!
    The Presser is use to level the ground, the same concept when laying pavement on streets on Earth!This new concept is call "Marsz Automatic System" ... You can use them as you like, of course, but I would use them on Marsz like this.... "vehicles given a set of duties to do, etc" ... the "run around" rule can work here too -- These will NOT have any Cab! Well, that's about it for now --Hope you like these, etc!

    Everyone please be safe, and have a great day!

  19. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning Colonists --

    Occasionally, real world Mars events collide with Trainz Marsz!

    The Martian | Official Trailer


    Have a safe day!
  20. manweb's Avatar
    Yes Ishie.

    Amazing trailer, like Trainz Marsz, you only needs a Matt Damon Trainz Marsz Astronaut

    Thanks for the Trainer reference.


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