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Useful Trainz abbreviations

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Here is a list of the more commonly used abbreviations in the Trainz technical and sometimes operational side. In addition to this, there are also abbreviations for other entities like websites and forum terms.

If there are any that are not present here that you want the meaning for, please leave a comment.
Also leave a comment if you want an abbreviation and meaning added to the list - I will credit each contribution to the user who posted the comment.

TRS - Trainz Railway/Railroad Simulator - a number after indicates version (contributed by PerRock)
TS - Trainz Simulator - a number after indicates version (contributed by PerRock)
UTC - Ultimate Trainz Collection (contributed by PerRock)
Pre-SP3 - Original version of Trainz (contributed by PerRock)
TC - Trainz Classics - a number after indicates version (contributed by PerRock)
OP - Opening Post/Opening Poster - general forum abbreviation (contributed by PerRock)
RW/RS/MSTS - Railworks/Rail Simulator/Microsoft Train Simulator - all competitors to Trainz (contributed by PerRock)
FCT - First Class Ticket
SP - Service Pack
Edit: A number after SP indicates version - contributed by PerRock)
CMP - Content Manager Plus
CM - Content Manager (a number found after this indicates the version number)
TDH - Trainz Download Helper (pre-TRS2006 days)
TDP - Trainz Downloader Pro (this is a tool by Jelte Jansons to assist users downloading using the web-based version of the Download Station. Due to changes at N3V's end, the tool no longer works correctly.
CDP - Content Dispatcher Pack, these files contain assets that can be installed into Trainz usually by double-clicking the file or by using the Import CDP command in the File menu of Content Manager if using TRS2006 or later.
CMPA - Content Manager Plus Archive - these are used to archive assets. See my blog entry on the Archiver for more information.
TAD - Trainz Asset Database
DLS - Download Station
DLH - Download Helper
UN - Username
PW - Password
WIP - Work In Progress (contributed by whitepass)
PM - Private Message/Progressive Mesh (contributed by captainkman)
KUID - Koolthingz User ID (contributed by rweber95)
CMTM - Car Movement and Traffic Management (contributed by rweber95) - a number after this indicates version
ARN - Automatic Running Number (contributed by rweber95)
MIN - Multiple Industry New (contributed by rweber95)
BI - Basic Industry (contributed by rweber95)
HOG - Hand of God (contributed by rweber95)
PL - ProtoLARS (contributed by rweber95)
LARS - Logistics and Resources System, and also the name of the author of the assets (contributed by rweber95)
ACS - Active Coupling System (contributed by captainkman)
AWS - Automatic Warning System
TPWS - Train Protection and Warning System
ATLS - Advanced Traffic Light System (contributed by rweber95)
ASB - Active Signal Box
CCP - Content Creator Plus (contributed by rweber95)
LOD - Level of Detail (contributed by captainkman)
IM - Indexed Mesh (contributed by captainkman)
LM - Level of Detail mesh
EK3 - East Kentucky 3 (contributed by captainkman)
HUD - Heads Up Display (contributed by captainkman)
TPR - Trainz Pro Routes (contributed by captainkman) - address is http://www.trainzproroutes.org/
USLW - U.S. Locomotive Works (contributed by captainkman) -address is http://uslw.net/
JR - Jointed Rail (contributed by captainkman) - address is http://jointedrail.com/.
DLC - Downloadable Content (Auran/N3V payware content e.g. Blue Comet,Duchess,SnC) (contributed by captainkman)
SnC/S&C - Settle and Carlisle - a DLC pack (contributed by captainkman)
CoC - Code of Conduct (contributed by captainkman)
SPAD - Signal Passed At Danger (contributed by airtime)
Hardware TL/Hardware T&L - Hardware Transform and Lighting
DEM - Digital Elevation Map/Model
IWBNI - It would be nice if (contributed by mjolnir)
OTOH - On the other hand (contributed by mjolnir)
FWIW - For what it's worth (contributed by mjolnir)
AFAIK - As far as I know (contributed by maruffijd)
MP - Multiplayer
FPS - Frames per second
TFYHW - Thanks for your hard work (contributed by jjanmarine3)
TNI - Trainz Native Interface (contributed by BuilderBob)
IIRC - If I Remember Correctly (contributed by pcas1986)
EDR - Extended database repair (contributed by Bhorton)
UAD - Updating Asset Database (contributed by Bhorton)
DRM - Digital Rights Management

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  1. whitepass's Avatar
    WIP - Work In Progress
  2. shaneturner12's Avatar
    Thankyou for your contribution.

    I have now edited the main blog entry to add that abbreviation, with appropriate credit.

  3. captainkman's Avatar
    PM - Private Message.

    Also, you accidentally wrote WIO instead of WIP.
  4. shaneturner12's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by captainkman
    PM - Private Message.

    Also, you accidentally wrote WIO instead of WIP.
    I have now added PM to the list.

    I have also amended the typographical error.

  5. rweber95's Avatar
    KUID - Koolthingz User ID
    CMTM - Car Movement and Traffic Management
    ARN - Automatic Running Number

    Bob Weber
  6. rweber95's Avatar
    MIN - Multiple Industry New
    BI - Basic Industry
    HOG - Hand of God
    PL - ProtoLARS
    LARS - Logistics and Resources System (LARS is also the first name of the Author)

    Bob Weber
  7. captainkman's Avatar
    ACS - Active Coupling System


    LOD - Level Of Detail
    IM - Indexed Mesh

    How would we include Progressive Mesh, it'd conflict with Private Message.
    Updated May 10th, 2012 at 01:52 AM by captainkman
  8. shaneturner12's Avatar
    Thankyou for the additional abbreviations and meanings.

    I have updated the main blog entry to include these, with credit given to the comment poster.

  9. rweber95's Avatar
    CMTM - Car Movement and Traffic Management
    ATLS - Advanced Traffic Light System
    CCP - Content Creator Plus
  10. shaneturner12's Avatar
    Thankyou for the updates. I have now added them into the main blog entry.


    P.S. I've found a way of dealing with the PM abbreviation problem - see the main entry.
  11. captainkman's Avatar
    EK3 - East Kentucky 3
    HUD - Heads Up Display
    TPR - Trainz Pro Routes
    USLW - U.S. Locomotive Works
    JR - Jointed Rail
    DLC - Down Loadable Content (Auran/N3V payware content, e.g. Blue Comet, Duchess, SnC)
    SnC - Settle and Carlisle - a DLC pack
    CoC - Code of Conduct
    Updated May 10th, 2012 at 04:43 AM by captainkman
  12. shaneturner12's Avatar
    Thankyou for the updates - they have now been added to the main entry.

  13. captainkman's Avatar
    USLW is here:

  14. shaneturner12's Avatar
    Thankyou for the link. I will add that as soon as possible.

  15. NickieFoenshauge's Avatar
    Great initiative, but, really, wouldn't this list be better placed in the Trainz Wiki. Sooner or later this blog post is going to disappear from the radar and so people will never find it, unless they already know it's there. A Wiki entry might be easier to spot for newcomers.

    Cheers, Nickie
  16. shaneturner12's Avatar
    I will look into that, but from what I've noticed, most users come to the forums/blogs first,rather than the Wiki.

    It's always going to be available through other methods, including my tutorial website.

  17. PerRock's Avatar
    How about adding:
    TRS - Trainz Railroad/Railway Simulator, a number after indicates version
    TS#- Trainz Simulator, a number after indicates version
    UTC - Ultimate Trainz Collection
    Pre-SP3 - 1st version of Trainz
    SP# - Service Pack, a number after indicates version
    TC# - Train Classics, a number after indicates version
    OP - Opening Post (general forum abbreviation, not limited to TRS)
    RW - Railworks (Trainz Competitor)
    RS - Rail Simulator (Trainz Competitor)
    MSTS - Microsoft Train Simulator (Trainz Competitor)

    Updated May 11th, 2012 at 02:02 AM by shaneturner12 (Correction from UTS to UTC)
  18. shaneturner12's Avatar
    Hi Peter,

    I have now added the abbreviations above, with small modifications to keep within character limits.

    I've also corrected an error with the Ultimate Trainz Collection entry.

  19. maruffijd's Avatar
    AFAIK = As far as I know (seen in the forum alot)
  20. shaneturner12's Avatar
    Hi maruffijd,

    I have now added your suggestion to the list.

    Thankyou for your comment.

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