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Class 502 again

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Only half the interior mapped and painted, god, its taking forever. I was hoping to get a screenie of the seats as well, but the glass went a bit... funny.
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  1. paul502's Avatar
    If only the interior of the preserved unit looked this good ! Both coaches are now safely undercover for the first time in 15 years.
    This is the trailer coach before unloading (am the "slaphead" on the right). Photo Mark Youden.
  2. Wessex_Electric_Nutter's Avatar
    Its good, but my god, it looks ruined on the front end. Good job someone covered it quickly. Still, its nice to see it under cover.
    ITs a bit tempting to go upto it and grind some of the rust out, assming its thick enough, I am guessing in places, its soo thin, you'll be lucky to keep the thing in one piece. Thanks to the NRM
  3. paul502's Avatar
    The trailer cab end will need extensive work . Large parts of the trailer & motor coach will need re-skinning. Of the two the motor coach is in better condition. Once all spares have been removed restoration work will recommence .