Zip files turn into Trainz CDP files


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Hello, I was downloading a route for MSTS known as the Pocahontas District, it came up as a zip file, but for some reason, they appear as Trainz CDP files

Does anyone know how to fix this? :confused:

EDIT: my stupidity hit at the time, they still were zip files, just had the trainz logo on it for some reason, I just used winzip and it worked
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ZIP files are normally used to compress and transmit several CDP files. You need PKZIP (a free download) to unzip the CDP files. The CDP files will unzip by default into a folder in/under the folder where the pkzip file is located. You then import the CDP files into Trainz via the Content Manager. Otherwise, I don't understand what you are saying.
Don't think that's what he is asking

And he's ended up with cdp's for Trainz, looks like he got the wrong download.

The filename for the file shown in his pic is named "pokeyv1,zip" and he said "it came up as a zip file," yet his PC seems to want to (mistakenly) treat this ZIP file as if it's a CDP file.

That certainly sounds like a Windows file association problem, since the file he download does indeed seem to have a ZIP file extension.

If that is the nature of his problem, then following the instruction at the link I provide will solve his problem.

If that's not his problem, I suggest he need to provide more details regarding his problem.