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Hi all,
My desktop computer has fallen subject to a seemingly serious error two years ago, and it has been crippled to an incredible level. I have had notable performance loss, frequent crashes and I lost Internet access even though I still have Internet on my laptop on the same network. I have only one solution that I can think of is to format the hard drive.

Any alternatives will be appreciated but I might not act on them. I am just sick of the problems with it. I do not really want a new computer.

Why have you waited 2 yrs to fix it?
Mine started doing weird thinks last week.Tried a couple of quick fixes that didn't work.
Reformatted & had it back up & running in about 2 hrs.
I find it quicker in some cases & less worry.

Some ideas:

Do a full virus scan with an up-to-date signature list. Ditto for anti-spyware. Ditto for rootkits. Grisoft/AVG have all three, free (or free trial in the case of anti-spyware.)

Check in Device Manager for any devices marked with problems.

Test the memory, eg Memtest+ at

Got enough free hard disk space especially on C:? I reckon you needs at least 2GB, preferably more.

If you are confident and know how to take anti-static precautions, one at a time unplug everything (both external and internal) and plug it back in, so as to clean up the connections. Don't do this unless you know what you're doing though.

See if you can isolate the fault. You may need to swap bits one at a time to do this - not easy I realise unless you've got a cooperative friend with compatible equipment.

If all else fails consider putting it in for repair but weigh up if that would be cost effective compared with purchasing a replacement. If you do this, assume they will wipe everything on it, so back up anything you care about beforehand.

HTH, John
more ideas,
how much RAM have you on your machine. 1gb min for trainz 2gb ideal. This will help.
graphics card, how old is it, do a search on this forum to find out if yours is sufficient.
did your problems begin after or before you loaded trainz? if after i suggest your machine is not suited to the task.
the first 2 suggestions only need replacement items.
defragmenting the hard drive may also help once a fortnight is enough, this speeds the machine up also.
Agree with John above about anti virus etc, they will slow comp down badly.
It's not unusual for PC owners to re format occasionally, in fact, many enthusiasts choose to start "from scratch" every so often.
2 Years..... :)

My computers are lucky to see 6 months.... :hehe:

I format and reinstall windows every 3 - 6 months, depending on how driver updates, game updates and other updates I get during that time. Its a good way to 'clean' out the system and start again, but this time only install the latest of everything, system seems to be more stable and faster.
good anti-virus etc should mean you don't have to re-instal. Last time I moved trainz was from 'T'-'S' drives. Also regular defragmenting will help.
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Starting from scratch would be the healthiest thing to do. Second to that, you can read in the help-files of Windows about scannow and chkdsk where it's possible to repair system-files and damaged parts of the HD - this providing you have a Windows-disc.
If you do decide to re-format, be sure to back up everything you care about first - not just Trainz assets but also old email messages, downloaded music, saved photographs, any records of online banking transactions and e-commerce purchases, etc. Sorry if that's obvious, to a lot of people it isn't.

To Big_B
At the time it was not a major problem. The computer was only 2 years old at the time and the problem was fixed by removing drive caching.

To John 259
I have AVG and it did not detect anything. I am yet to remove some other *suspicious* files (Temp, %temp% and temporary internet files). I do not have any anti-spyware or rootkit programs. I need to update AVG anyway.

My father has anti-spyware programs (namely Spybot S&D) but has not told me where it is or how to use it. I think it has at least 9Gb out of 149Gb but not enough to do an efficient defrag.

I had an analog TV card in my computer but we removed it and it seemed to have helped with getting rid of the problem but I think the drivers are still floating around somewhere.

To fran1
I have 512Mb (a lot at the time) and I am looking at getting some more when the computer is working properly again.

I have an Nvidia Geforce FX5200 and I am particularly happy with the card, have had absolutely no problems with it and am extremely happy with it (better than the on-board one any day).

I had these problems before I installed Trainz Classics but I bought Trainz 1.3 about a year before I got the computer.

Would have to have been 2002.

To Euphold, AussieNightCrawler and SVAndrei
The computer was four years old September last year and (put me to shame) the thing has never seen a format or defrag in it's life.

To fran1 (again)
I only have three hard disks:'( (C,E and F)

To Frengren
That is what I was thinking about and I do have a genuine Windows XP CD-ROM. I only hope Microsoft will give me the activation number again.

To john259
I am curious as how to backup my old e-mails. I have a few and I do not know how to back them up. I think I have moved all of my photos onto my E drive but I need to check.
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I am curious as how to backup my old e-mails. I have a few and I do not know how to back them up. I think I have moved all of my photos onto my E drive but I need to check.
That depends on which email program do you use (probably Outlook Express or Thunderbird).

For Outlook Express search Microsoft's web site but be sure to find the instructions for your specific version of OE since they are all different.

For Thunderbird copy the folders in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Thunderbird - the messages are held in plain text files so you can open them in Notepad (dunno about restoring them though, never tried it).

Or if there only a few messages, maybe copy and paste their contents into Word, etc.

Also save your email address book and web browser bookmarks/favourites.

If you log on to any web sites automatically make sure you know your usernames and passwords because you'll lose the cookies.

So many things to remember to do!

BTW Grisoft/AVG free anti-virus, free trial anti-spyware and free anti-rootkit all here if you need them.

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