Editing folders for TRS19 to Trainz Plus


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While doing the Muengsten tutorial for TransDEM I noticed that the editing folders for TRS19, TRS22, and Trainz Plus are not present. I am using a new (and more powerful) laptop and using the internal 'C' drive. On my old laptop I only had TRS19 and that was on a 'D' drive. I have searched my file folders (opening them and closing them) to no avail. I finally tried creating some folders to make a path (playing nice here; studied Network Security/Computer Forensics). The whole point is where are the files? I found the hidden ones and then some (not yours). Are you using a different format for packing everything up? I have not looked.
The editing folders should be there under the User-data folders and you shouldn't have to recreate them. By that I mean those build-something folders you installed your content in the default location on your C: Drive.

Like you did orginally, I put my Trainz-data on another drive. I have my data on my E: drive under TRS22_DATA. Yes, I used caps so I don't delete that one in error!

Did you by chance manually copy over data folders and not copy the complete folders to your laptop?
And did another heavy-duty search for any remotely close to what was downloaded, and nothing. Also left a message on the TransDEM forum under the 'Support' heading, and waiting for a response. The folders are not in N3V folder, they are in Users folder.
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From TRS19 onwards Trainz installs two folders. One is the game folder installed where you asked for it to be placed. The second with all the content files defaults to the C drive. Its location can be found in your settings/install tab on the launch screen.
C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\N3V Games\trs22
All 3 work and realized that the files transferred over from the old lap to had to be removed before any of the tutorials were done on this laptop. And will be going on Trandem's forum next and letting them know what happened. The tutorials from TransDEM are operating properly. My error.