Your servers don't work


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In your Anouncement thread at December 10th, 2016, 03:28 AM you've written:

We are currently experiencing issues with our iTrainz server, we are working as fast a we can to resolve the issue and get the server back up and running.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

And then at December 10th, 2016, 04:40 AM :
We have resolved the issue and I will be keeping an eye on the server for the rest of today.

But the multiplayer sessions don't still work yet. Are you fixing this issues or don't plan to get back MP?
It would help if you mention what error(s) you are getting (in case it's something like an out of date build).

When in game I open "Multyplayer Sessions" window there is a text that means "Checking for available multyplayers sessions". Something like this. I have another language there. So. This text is on screen always. No result as "No one session was found" etc. When someone starts multyplayer session nobody can view it and join session. Looks like iTrainz servers don't work as before. I thing you've undrestood me.
There's a couple of possibilities here. Firstly it may be that there are very few who play multiplayer on TS12 (or may use a higher build), and secondly it may be that those who do don't use the routes you have installed.

The ITrainz servers are normally working OK as these also control the ability to login and use other functions like the in-game chat.

I'm not a newbie in Trainz. Serching for mp sessions doesn't end at all. When no session found there is a message instead of the text about searching. Something wrong with your servers. It started in Saturday, 7th when your servers were down. I've written that all issues are fiexed. Not all.

First message:

Querying iTrainz for multiplayer game listing, please wait...

The message that must be apeared when no one session found:

No active multiplayer games found.

So, don't try to get rid of my abuses, just fix your servers.
I have asked if someone at N3V can look into this.

As they are located in Australia (currently 10pm there at the time of my posting), don't expect a reaction soon.

But at least now you know they are made aware of your topic.