Wiping a hard drive options


Stop that, its just silly
Got nowhere else to ask.

I have to wipe a hard drive for someone from an old XP machine.
The disks for installing the original setup are gone.
The drive is the only main drive so I cannot just format it in XP.
Is it possible to either:
1 - Connect it to my Win10 machine and wipe it?
2 - Do a bootable install of XP on a flash drive and use that to boot the XP machine then wipe the HD? I have a 32GB stick if that will hold XP.

you only need a 1GB stick for XP. It fits on a 650MB CD-Rom, originally. Windows 10 will ask for 8GB stick. Anyway... Are you going to install Windows again, and make that the main drive? I know it gives you the option to delete and recreate partitions when setting up Windows.
No, actually the old XP computer is getting recycled. Been years and way out of warranty. Hard Drive is way old and small by today's standards. Just trying to make sure any personal info is completely wiped before sending it off the the recyclers.