windows XP Service pack 3 is out!

How big is the SP3 download ?
That's right if you want the full file for future installations, but if you're already fully up-to-date with patches then Microsoft Update will only need to download about 50MB. Be prepared for some long delays during the downloading and installing process. Just be patient and leave it to work by itself.

Some people advise disabling the screen saver, anti-virus and firewall before starting to upgrade, I'm not sure if that's really needed but it might be wise precaution.

I guess you know, don't install SP3 for XP if you've got an HP computer with an AMD processor as there's a major problem with that combination.

Well I for one will not be bothering to install SP3, my XP box works quite fine without it, if it `ain't broke, no point trying to fix it.
Thanks Ahsan and john259. I do have AMD chips but not a HP computer so I should be OK. I'm at Win XP SP2, so hopefully I won't need the full 316MB.

I haven't downloaded anything from the DLS since 27 April, and would prefer to use my internet for that rather than Win XP SP3.
I've read mixed reviews. Some are experiencing problems and others are finding their computer better then before. It seems that this is like playing the lottery right now. Never know if your gonna get lucky and it speeds up your PC or if you lose and it just makes it worse.

I will wait for permission from an Adult till I install this update. Heck I'll even Have THEM install it just so that I don't get the blame if it goes wrong. Time to start saving files just in case tho.
Smart move.:cool: :cool: :cool: :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:
i personaly think i will wait a while and see what problems arise and then make my decision but there is the 316mb factor too i will talk to my computer teachers @ school and ask if they download it i will get a copy from there on a flash drive:cool:
Thought I'd add my two cents in here again.
I just reformatted my hard drive and have re-installed everything as before. I also thought I'd try SP3 and have found that my PC is running better then ever.;)
Go figure...

Maybe that's the way to go, 'cus I've noticed my HD is a lot more busy now after SP3 - performance is the same though...