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Hi, went out the other day to buy TRS2006 and the guy at the shop said that because I'm now useing Windows Vista there might be some issues with it running properly. Has anyone had problems with Windows Vista? Do I need some downloads or patches etc.? I did'nt buy TSR2006 until I found out some more, but now I've no Train Sim. Any help gratefull. Thanks
It works to a certain degree, until I tried makeing my own routes then tiles and track etc. would disappear when I went into Driver mode. It seemed to work OK with all the built in routes and senarios though.
Hi rebecca7

There's a thread about this in the forum you can find by doing a search for Vista. If I recall it involves a very minor file deletion or modification.


Vista and TRAINZ 2004

Got a new Laptop with VISTA and I Loaded Trainz 2004 last nite
I get to the main menu and when I went to Railyard everything freezes and I can't get full screen slider bar either. When i went to driver it either crashes or won't work.
Any ideas??
You need to alter you trainzoptions.txt file, found in the trainz root directory

Just add "-intro=disable" minus the quotes to the bottom of the text and save it

It worked for me on both 2004 and 2006+sp1

I run Trainz 2006 SP1 on an HP Laptop with Vista. I found setting the compatability options to "Run as Administrator" and "Run as Windows XP" enabled me to successful enjoy Trainz to the full.
"Trainz Railways", the new DVD that has TRS04, TRS06, and TC, is designed to be fully compatible with Vista. From what I read on the forums, Trainz Railways is fully Vista compatible at install.
According to helpdesk, TRS2006 + SP1, or any recent (new) purchases of '06 from a retail store, will work on Vista.

For both '06 and '04, making sure you have TRS running "as administrator" clears up 99% of all issues (such as routes not being saved after you exit the program)

Welcome to Trainz by the way! Hope you enjoy it! :)
I found (and bought) a windows vista combatible virsion of TRS06 at PC world yesterday for £9.99 it actually works even better than the old virsion. It has a picture of an German ICE train with a smaller picture of an class 2MT in a bubble plus the background is red.
windows vista

hey people!

I have had Trainz sim 2006 since, well 2006 and i have not been able to use it. Reacons being is because i have not had a powerful enought PC for Trainz 2006 to run on, so now i'm gettin a new PC but its Vista nd i was hoping for some info on how to make Trainz 2006 run on vista is it doesn't ?

...Vista Home Premium or better works fine...

:cool: Hello Becky,

IF your running a top level Virus software, you can limit Vista's intrusion upon any Internet & program software.

You need to go to the Security department, and disable User Accounts(UAC). It is an overkill, designed to make you think about your activity, not only on the Web, but with everything you do, on Windows.

You can so do this, after you have correctly installed TRS2006, and SP1, even Windows SP1 for Vista.

I don't even get a Open dialogue, whilst opening TRS2006.

I'd suggest installing TRS2006 into your File C:/TRS2006

Not the default Program Files installation.

You can just drag & drop the files into a new folder you create on file C: It runs faster, and takes less memory that way...