Windows 11 and Trainz 2019


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I just had a notification that Windows 11 is ready for download for my PC.

Is anyone running Trainz on Windows 11 yet? If so are there any issues we should be aware of?
Anyone from N3V running Windows 11?

I have the option of staying with Windows 10 for now and in no big rush to upgrade.


I'm running TRS19 in Win11 with no problems and have been for some time now as I'm a Windows Insider. If anything it runs slightly better in Win11.

Only issue I have with Win11 is they have pretty much killed the taskbar functionality and not keen on the New start menu but as I use OpenShell it's not a problem. Everything I had in 10 is working in 11 with no problems.

I still have 2 Win10 PCs though that are staying as they are as they are not compatible.

As you say there is no rush Win10 isn't going anywhere yet.

Anything you need to know about 11, tips, tutorials problems etc you can find here 11 Forum
I've upgraded to Windows 11 today and everything works exactly as it did in Windows 10, so I'd recommend. The UI is, of course, different but not any different to use really.


I ended up going back to Windows 10 due to my hardware being a bit too old and not being in the position to purchase any new hardware at the moment. I'll stick with what I've got for now, but when I did use Windows 11 and Trainz, everything worked fine with the performance even better than with Windows 10.
I am an obessive "early adopter" and downloaded Windows11 a few days ago.

A bit disapponted so far - apart from a significant speed improvement on my Firefox Browser. I will take it easy on all the other stuff.

Build 114800 seems to be running without anny problems but I would always be careful with n3V who I feel have personaly let me down with recent releases.

Won't bore you with the details - apart from saying that it could perhaps be concentrating more on safety and back-up procedures than on cosmetic issues.

We are so far down the line to the final relese that users shouldn't be reporting the sorts of things apearin on the forum as they are.

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