Will TNE fixx multiplayer?

So Ive looked through and really didn't find any mention in all the talk about TNE that there will be a focus on making multiplayer work better. Did I just miss that or what? Does anybody know?

Thanks, Hal
Well yes I did say make multiplayer "work" better. Im referring to the vast number of bugs of course. Every time im in trainz I wish - man if trainz ran as good as run8 it would be amazing!

Yes, Jib228 I have read your posts and you did a very good job of pointing out the problems. I honestly think that auran was always relunctant to add multiplayer to the game and did so half heartedly. Im just wondering if that has changed.
At this point, Id just stick with Run8 or iPortaling. You are right, MP in Trainz is really buggy. I dont think it was added in half heartedly. I think it wasn't implemented in the best way possible.