Why I am not using a trestle causeway.


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Trestle bridges have no safe place for people to walk outside the train. What if people on board have to evacuate the train during a fire? The flexy bridge with steel girder side plates has a secure path for walking along the train in high places. It is a barrier against humans on foot from falling off the bridge. Might also be less expensive for railroads to contruct than trestle bridges to boot. If the side plates along the bridge are too high, passengers might not get a good scenic view out the train windows. These side plate bridges should also safely contain a train that jumps the track over the bridge. I also have barbed wire along the track where there is a cliff or high embankment. When building a railway or a motor highway as a civil engineer in Trainz, I am always thinking total safety and comfort. A good number of transportation deaths have occured because somebody cheaped out.