Which one?

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YOLT.You Only Like Trains
I want to ask,which one do you like,Railworks or Trainz?Even though Im on the trainz forums,railworks!
Without any argumentation your post has totally no value and looks to me as just another "bound to turn into a food fight" topic.
I see that the last PC version of Trainz you own is 2009, so I doubt we will see any argumentation based on a recent versions with each other.

Next to that, we have had loads of this kind of topics in the past, one even more useless than the other.

If you want to have a "healthy" or "useful" discussion on this topic (although I seriously doubt that as again you did not post any argumentation yourself), consider more neutral territory.

I should stop before this gets too far out of hand. Naturally I am biased regarding this, so let's just leave it. Thanks ryanstrains for the reminder
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