Where oh Where Are you...

If you like UK routes, try Paddington - Westbury TS12 KUID2: <KUID2:117948:100268:3>

and session Paddington - Westbury 1984 TS12 KUID2: <KUID2:117948:100269:4>

They are on the DLS.

Have a look at Oknotsen's 'Standard 12' project route - it looks excellent and uses only TS12 built-ins!

Thank you Kieran for your nice words :)

Has anyone seen any good looking routes that use stock dependencies? Thanks!
I did not reply earlier as I am not sure what you mean with "stock dependencies" (as I am not a native English speaker). Could you explain that so maybe me and/or others can help you more / better?
By "stock dependencies" he probably mean Builtin ones.
If that is the case, I agree with Kieran: my Standard12 project route :D.
Made for TS12 build 49922 with only built-in assets (or updates of those) and comes with 10 sessions.