Where is my post?


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It might just be my imaginagtion, but am I personna non gratis here? For several months I have been making comments and suggestions, asking questions, and not once has anybody responded. Then yesterday, I made a post about Alien3's 'nasbog' 'nasbog' and 'p5bog', wondering where they went after I downloaded them. That post dissapeared when I went back a couple of hours later to check for answers. I used to get replies all the time. Have I done something that I need to apologize for?
I've checked your previous posts from your profile as far back as May 17th, 2007 and I don't see anything in them that would warrant censorshop. This happened to another member recently. I think it's due to a forum software glitch.
I don't know if it still happens, but there used to be a problem with the forum where threads would "disappear" when they got to the bottom of the page, only to reappear again a day or so later on the second page.
Not sure if this is the case here but moderators will move threads into another forum where it will get more attention so that the original poster can have a better chance of getting the help that is sought.


Well, I'm cointenly glad I haven't offended anyone. I was beginning to wonder. See, my problem is, I have all these great ideas for assets I would like to see on DLS, but I have been studying gMax for about four years now, and can't even get through the tutorials. I've even developed a fictional passenger train, but if I can't even get through the tutorials, well, I guess it'll never be on DLS unless someone would be willing to do it. Maybe I'll make a list of ideas and see if anyone is willing to create them. Would I post such a list here, or on another forum?