Where do I get Gmax?


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Where do I get Gmax? The Trainz manuals from T4 and T6 both mention it and that its free to Trainz users, but there doesn't seem to be locations or addresses. So:
Where is it?
How do I get it?
How is it downloaded? and,
Is it really free,or just free for a trial period?
Hello SpeedyReidy,

Welcome to the wonderful world of content creation.

Gmax is definitly free - follow the link provided by nstrainz. You will also require the trainz content creation pack which contains the exporter. Check out the excellent tutorials available from various sites. You can do a search on the forum and you will lots of them.

I highly recommend that you configure your gmax as described in the tutorials by Paul Hobbs at http://www.44090digitalmodels.co.uk

Once configured please do the brick box tutorial from the learning center (http://www.auran.com/TRS2004/learning_f.php) prior to attempting anything else. This will give the basics and will answer a lot of your questions.

If you are not able to find answers to your questions by using the search facility at the top of the forum, drop by the content creator forum and some one will gladly help out.

Good luck and remember..... Have fun!

Hello again,

Well, it's been a while and memory is rusty on this one but if I have it right, once you download the application and run it for the first time, it will ask for the regcode and there will be a button or link to get it. The code will then be sent to you via email and you have to cut and paste it into the request line as it is too complex to manually enter.

Hope my memory serves on this one.

Have fun!