Where do I get CMP?

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What version of Trainz do you have? If you have TRS2006, I'm pretty sure that it should be included.

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That's right.

TRS2004 and earlier don't have CMP. For TRS2004 you can download and install Trainz Objectz which is an excellent freeware third party asset management utility.

TRS2006 and later do have CMP and you access it by running TRS2006 or TC, then on the main menu click the "Manage Content" option.

I have CMP but when I try to open it, it shows an error messeage, saying that it cant read the URL, I change it and then it just says there was a problem! What should I do to make it work? Also I can't make paint shed to work either, it says it doesn't have a language set, but when I right click, propeties, and look under the language, it's set to english. Do I have to un install Trainz and then reload it? :(
I tried and it has the same error message! Do I have to uninstall the game and then reinstall it?
What operating system do you have? Sounds like Vista. You have to go in and have Content Manager Plus run as administrator. Vista running with your User Account Control on can cause a lot of programs which weren't built for Vista real problems.

CMP should be a seperate icon on your destop !
Paintshed in TRS2006 is accessed through CMP !

In Program Files/Auran/TRS2006/Bin you will find 'ContentManager', it is an executable file, create a short cut to it !
Once in CMP select 'Paint Shed Templates', select an item, right click and select "Edit in Paint Shed" !

This is from memory, but I believe it will set you on the right track for both your questions ?


Nickel's post beat me, if it is Vista, I don't know if my post will help ??
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I know were to find it but when I try to open it it shows an error messege. And to the post about yours no I don't have vista.
From reading all of the other posts, then yes, I think that a re-install might fix the problem.

If you have downloaded content, then back up the local folder inside [hard drive where Trainz is]\Program files[if trainz is there(it is by default)]\Auran\TRS2006. This contains all of your custom content.

To replace this content, then copy the local folder back into the TRS2006 folder on your hard drive, after re-installing it, and then delete the assets.tdx file from the TRS2006 folder, and the assets.bku file from the TRS2006\cache folder. then open up CMP and allow it to sit and rebuild the assets database.

If this doesn't work, then I'm sorry, but it's all I can think of.

Hope this helps!