What's your favorite UP Merger Railroad?


Now T:ANE I can get into
You can choose from the list below.

  • Southern Pacific
  • Chicago and Northwestern
  • Denver, Rio Grande and Western
  • Western Pacific
  • Missouri Pacific
  • Missouri-Kansas-Texas
My favorite off of the list is the C&NW, how about you?
Oh-Oh-Oh ummmm I love the Norfolk Southern, man! But I'm should follow on your list, Blutorse4792. So I pick Southern Pacific:) :wave:
Chicago and Dogwalk? Are you sure?

I personally like the actual UP, but of all the ones that UP has absorbed over the years, I'd have to say SP, because of both the Daylights and the AC series articulated cab-forwards.
If going by the different colour schemes as per the locomotives and rolling stock created for TRS, I would say your first 3 choices Blutorse4792 would be my personal favourites.

Cheerz. ex-railwayman.
From the list, Western Pacific, as is implied above.

How about railroads that were aquired by SP and then, UP?
Just UP Mergers for now (I was considering putting SP/SSW, but I'm sticking with UP).

Espee is winning so far.
D&RGW is my favorite UP merger railway, they had an extensive narrow gauge railway system:D
As a complete narrow gauge addict, I've gotta go Rio Grande...I've got plenty of books on the D&RGW, and I almost every year convince my dad to make the family vacation include Chama or Durango :p