What would your Dream Rail Fan Vacation would be?


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Mine would to go a take a massive tour of the UK and visit all of the Heritage Railways they have in Scotland, Wales, and of course England.
Mine is pretty much the same as yours, but I'd also add the TGV and the Eurostar.

A trip along the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway would also be on my list. :D

Travel by rail across Asia from Malaysia through India and Europe to Britain. Possibly not technically or safely possible right now haha.
For me I'd go to Steamtown, Strasburg, and the Catskill Mountain Railroad. (If they manage to stay around.) Also I'd go to every obscure tourist RR in the northeast. And the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum, Electric City Trolley Museum (in Scranton), and another trolley museum which I forget the name of. The EBT and the Maine 2-footers would also be on my list.
A 28 day tour of Alaska (in June) for $17,000 per person

A cruise (on an fishing icebeaker) to ride the Antarctican Rwy (in January) $32,000 per person


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My wife and I were planning a rail trip across Europe for next year but we have scrapped it for the time being due to safety concerns, so we are going to Hawaii instead. I don't know if there is much railroading opportunity there.

I've always wanted to go across the US by rail, hop on hop off style, also do the San Francisco-LA thing as well. A trans Canada or Alaska trip would be fun too.
I would like to ride behind PRR 1361 on the straight and flat 14 mile stretch of track just before Atlantic City, its rated for 90 mph :)
Mine would be a cross country road-trip visiting the Pan-Am in Maine, then moving on down to the NS Harrisburg Line, then I'd go go down to Louisville, KY, then down to KCS's Rich Mountain, then move back up, visit Kansas, and then to follow the Overland Route from North Platte to Salt Lake City, then over to Portland and the Columbia River Gorge into the Blue Mountains back to my home.