Routes by tracksupervisor (kuid:429700:xxxx)

For those who might be interested.
I have it in good faith that "tracksupervisor" (a long time friend of mine) has hung up his boots so to say, and is no longer interested in any further route or asset building.
With this in mind, I have contacted him to see if I could continue with his work. I have no interest in claiming credit for any of his work thus far in TS2010 nor TS12.
If anything I would continue his legacy in T:ANE, which I will in due course purchase. The hardware which I use unfortunately cannot support either TS19 or TS22.
Once I have tracksupervisors' permission I will notify forum members of same but I doubt any further route development will happen anytime soon.
I would have to acquaint myself with the what & how, to see if anything further could be achieved, and even then whether or not I could develop the skills required to take on this challenge.