What would be a good inexpensive graphic cardx?


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I just installed TANE, and am having issues with the database running. Error logs says my graphic card, a ATI Radeon HD 4200 does not support DirectX11. So, I am looking at a PNY - Geforce GT 610 2gb DDR3 graphic card locally. I like the 2GB of DDR. Wonder if this would be adequate? And it does support Directx11.

here is my log:

? Renderer initialization has failed.
- Details follow:
- Type: Failure initializing Graphics API.
- Summary: Failed to create DirectX device and swap chain.
- Details: DXGI_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED"The specified device interface or feature level is not supported on this system".
Windows version info 6.1.7601 (S)
- File: ..\..\engine\RenderDirectX11\RenderServerManagerDirectX11.cpp:203
- Type: Unspecific generic initialization failure.
- Summary: Failed to initialize the global device.
- Details: (null)
- File: ..\..\engine\RenderServer\RenderServerManager.cpp:292
- Type: Unspecific generic initialization failure.
- Summary: Failed to initialize the renderer.
- Details: (null)
- File: ..\..\engine\RenderServer\RenderServerManager.cpp:1397
? Created new asset '<kuid:545297:100001>'
? Renderer initialization has failed.
- Details follow:
- Type: Shader compilation error.
- Summary: GLESLinkProgram: Failed to link shader.
- Details: Program name: JunctionArrow-MainLight-Main-pcfs4-vcx_p3n3tg3t02
GLSL Failure log:
Vertex shader(s) failed to link, fragment shader(s) failed to link.
unexpected error.
unexpected error.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me, and guide me in the right direction.

Thanks for any advice and help.

I think the Radeon HD 4200 is a integrated one, so the next step is work out how much spare power you have from the power supply. Ideally keeping to AMD would minimize the driver issues, but currently nVidia have a better performance per watt with the maxwell range.


You really want something in the top nine tiers and I can't see the GT 610 there. I'd suggest the GeForce GTX 750 Ti and buy from newegg.com they have 2 and 4 gig versions. Otherwise there are the more expensive maxwell GPUs. GTX 60, 970, and 980. Of the three I'm looking at a 970 currently for my personal use.

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What John said.
Going from Radeon to nVidia can be difficult. All parts of the Radeon driver must be removed, I am told. I think there is a utility to help with that.
Hey guys,

I made the decision to go with the GT 610. I also had to upgrade the power supply to 400 watts. It solved my problem with running the program. Now, I am finding that the sessions load extremely slow. So I have decided to add 8GB additional memory, which will put me at 12GB. I have been having memory issues for some time, so it was needed. Memory will arrive Wednesday, so will let you know how it works.

The Radeon card is built into the motherboard. Just installed it, powered up, installed drivers, and off to the races.

You may or may not regret the GT610 into the future, thankfully they're so cheap that buyers remorse won't be the greatest problem once poor performance kicks in. Also, slow loading sessions are more related to mass storage speed then RAM capacity. The common solution now is to move over to solid state drives for read/write intensive applications.


The new memory so far has made a noticeable difference. Loading time for sessions is down to a minute. Now, even running TANE, my RAM is only at 30% usage, which is great. I did notice some slight, ver slight, jerky in the game, but not all the time. I know this is a direct result of the graphics card. So I will give it a good run and see if its something I can live with. But overall it appears to running fine. Just printed out the entir manual, so will see if I need to adjust any graphics settings. If all else fails, I could be persuaded to invest in a GTX 750. And the a cost of $150, that is not a huge invetment. At least I have the new 400watt power supply, that it recommends, in place.

Yes, solid state drives are the wave of the future. Haveing not really looked into them, I would be curious to hear how popular they are, and what is the cost of say a TB drive?

I see from you computer configuration you have 256GB of RAM? How did you stuff that all in a computer case? You are not giving those gerbils inside much room to work! LOL

I am sure we talk more down the tracks.