What will happen to the USRA light pacific that was a pre-order bonus for T:ANE?


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Well it does seem that the TANE pre-order bonus locomotive are not available to most of the public now,and I wish I had the PC and knew about Trainz before the pre-order was gone... one thing is that the pre-order bonus USRA light pacific was made by the same author as the author of the built-in C&O K4 Kanawha locomotive which I think is really high quality... except for the whistle,but that is a minor thing sometimes,but I was thinking that I wanted something more meant for light passenger service,and the DLS is down and the pre-order bonus USRA light pacific looks perfect for the job... but since only people that pre-ordered T:ANE got it (I think anyways.) well,that looks like no one else can get it.

But one question is:Will it ever be available again? Even as N3V payware? Because I would want it,and I would pay if I had to in order to get it. I am not saying "Gimme! Gimme! GIMME!",I am trying to say that it would be nice to still have available payware or not,and I don't seem to see a lot of screenshots of it ether.

But I bet if N3V did make it available again but as payware but at a good price:I think it would sell reasonably.

Now,only if I got it...