What the deuce is going on here?


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I have TRS2006 on my main pc and runs fine. I decided to re-install it on my second pc as well but time after time I keep getting an inibility to instal. It indicates that the dvd might be a problem and usually I get this....

Feature: World
Component: World
File: E:\Install\data2.cab
Error: Data error (cyclic redunancy check)

After days of this I then bought another TR2006 DVD brand new and surprise, surprise I get exactly the same fault on this brand new DVD as well!

Bad enough with the original DVD but now with this new one. I am getting tired of not being able to re-install this and just as well I have everything okay on my main machine. Thinking of trying an install on my laptop which has a good spec but is there any answer to this? Can recall someone else getting this problem but can't remember the thread. Meantime i am utterly frustrated understandably.
I tried to install '06 on my wife's laptop, a Toshiba, and i think that was the error I kept getting. Don't really remember as it was 2 years ago, but the consensus was that Toshiba uses custom drivers which could have caused the problem.

The point is that I haven't tried it on the laptop yet!

I have tried to re-install my original TRS06 DVD on my second pc and it won't and as I said after hours of frustration I went to the bother of buying another complete new copy of TRS06 and get exactly the same problem. I have no probs with it on my main pc which I'm building a route on but it is the pits when I have 2 copies of 06 and neither will work on the and pc - and with exactly the same fault. Anyone any ideas?

Anyone any ideas?

Yes, R_J, and it's not a kidding joke.

Unmount your DVD reader from the PC that works fine -test it first- (or if you can put both PC's side by side, the better).

Open the back PC's side lids and unplug both DVD readers (if you aren't skilled at this, please take your notes of every wire location). Plug the wires from the faulty DVD reader into the good-guy DVD reader. Start your OS and expect your DVD to be recognised. Try to install from that DVD reader.

Maybe a tiring boring idea but most of times test-error system works in computing.

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Perhaps my analogy wasn't clear enough. Custom drivers for the DVD drive were causing the problem. You don't mention what make of PC the problem one is.
Make sure that your DVD drive(s) laser lens is clean, you should be able to get a cleaner from any PC shop.

Make sure that your trainz DVD is clean, also avalible to buy from any PC shop.

If that does not work, get a new DVD drive.

Or there is bad sectors on your hard drive, do error-checking before you try and (re)install trainz (or any other software for that matter).
My second pc is a Mesh with a reasonable graphics card and only a year old. I have Microsoft Train Sim on it with no bother (although don't use it much). As an experiment tried an unused TRS2004 on it and the faults were worse and unable to use. Not so keen on opening up anything as know absolutely nothing in that area. On Monday I will go into town and buy a cleaner as suggested and hope that improves things. That secondary pc has no problem with anything else but Trainz.
Well finally managed to get a second copy of TRS2006 on my second pc!

Seems that it was my original "tinned" DVD got from Auran a while back that was the problem. Must have got corruoted in some way so I bought a sealed copy of TR2006 from a supplier on eBay UK quite cheaply and that has installed okay. Wanted it on my secondary pc for trying out stuff before putting it on my main machine. Obviously asn't vital but at least i have got there!