What locomotive are you?


since 10 Aug 2002
A little blast from the past, when the number of posts counted towards your ranking and the locomotive you got beside your name.

Amazing how it only took 15,000 posts to be considered a Trainz Deity which means by today's counts, we have 5 in our midst.
A moment to bow down. 🙏
Even CEOs and Chairmen are a dime a dozen these days. I guess the original tier setters never counted on having some members still being here after twenty or more years. Or they never thought that we would be such a chatty bunch. Thus, a reason for having one of these 👏 :
I rather liked the little Critters that used to come out the game was loading
My late cat Lily did as well. She could be anywhere in the house napping and as soon as she heard the Auran music, she would come running just in time to watch the aliens! She passed away in 2019 at 17.
Thank you Martin, for remembering the good old days !!!
Well, 15000 posts is a lot ... I think I reached the "snake" (5000) when the fora collapsed ...
I remenber when we were "krokified" (200) and were congratulated by Barney and his little black book !
There were masters wafflers too !!
Amazing how it only took 15,000 posts to be considered a Trainz Deity which means by today's counts, we have 5 in our midst.
Well... "in our midst"... there are 5 on the list.

Euphod has been MIA since 2013, cascaderailroad has been MIA since July 2022 (last post in 2019), clam1952 unfortunately passed away earlier this year and even though Shane did login to the forum in July 2023 his last post dates back to 2018. Please hang in there JCitron!
By post count I'm "Chief Commisioner" but I consider myself a newbie coming onboard with TRS19 Early Release. I regret that I missed the early days...
By post count I'm "Chief Commisioner" but I consider myself a newbie coming onboard with TRS19 Early Release. I regret that I missed the early days...
You would have loved them. The conversations were both serious and silly at the same time. Ed Wells, aka Euphod, would post nutty things such as when the forums went down for a day. His post was a headline complete with Trainz users running into the streets in a panic when the forums crashed. The forums were also very active with the CEO Greg Lane poking in more than just on occasion along with community director Dr. John Banks who was working on his doctorate degree at the time. If people got too far off topic in posts, the waffle car was handed out!

Then the forums crashed and everything was wiped out completely. A lot of good history was lost, good complex and helpful information. This "crash" coincided around the time of the crash of Auran just before N3V Games appeared from the ashes. Many of us wonder if it may have been a deliberate thing.

When the forums crashed, many people never returned either. Good people, many older folks with lots of good knowledge. We wondered if maybe they thought everything had gone kaput with the loss of Auran and then the forums.
Well IKB was banned for around 8 years, so this username has lost that amount of posts. But if i add together with my standin login. I am probably president of the freakin universe. 🤣 🤣 🤣
I joined what i call the original red Auran forum, John. All joking aside, i don't post that much. Not able to help much with the health problems as they are and i have forgotten more than i can remember. In regards Trainz over the last nearly 22 years.
I lurked for a year on the original red forums before I sprung and purchased TRS2004. My older PC couldn't run Trainz or barely anything without a blue screen. When I finally upgraded my machine, I got TRS2004 because MSTS boring and I wanted to build railroads and not just drive them.

I'm sorry to hear about your health. Stay positive and enjoy what you can while you can.
You remember the red forums then John. I do remember you being here for a long time, buddy. I sort of went more with MSTS, after having Trainz CE and being a bit disappointed with it. But i have got all the mainstream Trainz releases. But if i remember correctly i played MSTS more. Then of course along came Train Simulator by Kuju, which in my eyes was more realistic than pre-TANE Trainz.
I flip and flop between all the train games, to be honest. Health problems are anxiety and stress related. Learned to live with it now, medication affects memory and concentration. I always say at least i am fortunate, not to be physically debilitated and in pain. Like a lot of poor unfortunate people, John.

Ah, those were the days. I was a train fan long before any sim software was around so when MSTS came along, I jumped right it and jumped right out when I discovered that creating anything required an advanced degree in train simming. Aside from a few other purely driving sims, the only choices seemed to be Trainz and and something on Steam so the only choice really was Trainz, and I haven't looked back since those early days. I must say the ride along the way has been interesting with ups and downs, plus a few side tracks but the friendly bunch here have always made it fun to stay. Of course being able to create just about anything I want doesn't hurt.
What got me interested in the program was:
Before Auran Trainz was actually released, you could download a 3d viewer program and the ingame models from the site to preview them.
I'd have to do some digging through old Zip drives, but I may still have them.

I think it was called Cube 3d? Cult 3d perhaps?
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