What Does It Take To Have A Classics Add-On?


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I've been reading about how like CAB got to do an Add-on for Trainz Classics and how the "Brew Crew" got to do the Harlem Line, but what about others? What does it take to have a Trainz Classics Add-on to production? -Chris
I'd guess, 1. You must be very talented, 2. You must ask Auran. Since you already are talented,:) you could do a TC addon. Actually, what you're talking about is making built-in routes. It doesn't take much to get a small piece of content built-in. It might just be included in a route.
The most important thing you must have to be considered for having your work included for TC is a medical doctor's certificate stating you are clinically insane.
So Chris, you've decided you would like all the fame and glory that comes with building a route that Auran decides is appropriate for release on one of it's commercial ventures, Eh?

As someone who has done that twice now, I think I can comment.

Make the route about midsize, have it contain only items downloadable from the DLS, obtain written permission from creators for use of items not on the DLS, and have the route made so that it showcases the current innovations Auran is trying to promote at the time. You can begin a dialog with Auran through the helpdesk, but be prepared to wait for awhile. I don't know what the shedule is for release of any more Trainz Routes, and I'm guessing the next Classics will feature routes from other parts of the world than the USA.

Good luck.

The most important thing you must have to be considered for having your work included for TC is a medical doctor's certificate stating you are clinically insane.

sure do hope your med cert's up to date Nat and that you've been taking your medication:D

What layout Chris?

It's my new CSX Saginaw Sub route in the works. It's a prototypical recreation of the CSX lines thru Plymouth, north and south of the area. It models the busiest area of the Sub from Wixom to Carleton, Michigan and include the west and east lines of Plymouth and Livonia, Michigan. They store/ run switchers from Plymouth and run them every-direction out of Plymouth to many steel, lumber, and automobile industries. This route is not large (maybe 30-40 minutes end-to-end following the speed limits) also many mainline trains on the CSX, too and trackage rights with CP Rail east-west thru Plymouth (would be AI train) and BNSF runs on the Saginaw Sub with coal 4 times a-day. The route goes thru Industrial, forest/ hillside, suburbia, and some farmland. There is sometimes 3-4 switchers working around the line at once and the locomotives they own (That runs the same jobs everyday) is very vast from a GP38-2, GP40-2 to MP15AC to GP15T-1 and make "Light moves" with old Chessie System and Conrail cabooses. They all use the line to serve the industries and yet have to watch out for the mainline trains between Toledo and Detroit. This route I live next to and it is very accurate to the real one. I sent a beta to cccordes to maybe show at the Train Show in Detroit. Lance, search for "CSX Saginaw Sub 5.0" thread and all the photos and information about the project is there and you will find videos of it on Youtube, my account name is the same as this one on the forums. Tell me your opinion please ;) . -Chris
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Well, i guess European users won't have any TC with European routes.

I suspect that the market isn't big enough. It is a pity 'cause here (in Belgium) we have stunning scenery and major freight railway line.

I'm currently modeling what is called here the Athus-Meuse, screenies are available in French forum.

I feel sorry to live in a such little country as our railway, really activ' though, are too small to get some interests from other people.


Just postulation...

But I am guessing that Auran wants this product to be internationally popular. Thus since the first installment was from the U.S. the next several will probably not be. Expect to see Australia, Germany, England before you see anything else from the U.S.
since the first TC is of a railway of very little interest outside of part of New York, I suspect they will be doing other routes with limited interest.
Auran does nothing to help us, I wouldn't go out of my way to put my content on a broken piece of software.

Chris, I would make sure the route is not to large and detailed or to small with a lack detail. A Mid sized route would be my best option, as I could still add detail and conform the route to the computer requirements of the game.

You are an excellent route builder and definitely cut out for the task.

John B
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Thanks John, the route is only 30-35 miles long and the detail is good, but built on a 2ghz PC so it should run just fine on anything fine above 1.7ghz. I really think this route is worthy of Trainz Classics because it is so interesting the operations here and Detroit is so under-rated for railroads. It's really nice here and should have the fame it desurves. :) -Chris