Western Iowa (Large Resolution Warning)

Very nice photos. I've traveled through that region, where your photos were taken back in 2008. I was out severe storm chasing with Silver Lining Tours and we stopped in Des Moines for lunch. We were traveling through and didn't see any storms that day.

Believe me... Storm chasing is a great way to do some train watching as well. :)

Thanks John, Next time your crossing Iowa hop on Hwy#30 and you can follow the old CNW from Clinton to Fremont, Ne.
Carroll Depot 1988 and 2015.

Interestingly I was out in Fremont, NE back in 2013. We didn't see storms there, but continued up to the South Dakota border in the Sand Hills region, just on the edge of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, and in and around Hyannis where we saw some tornado-warned super cells put out some great lightning for us. I did catch a few coal trains, but sadly my camera ate the pictures. The one picture I got I then lost afterwards, but it made its way on the BNSF calendar for 2014. There's a long story here for another time...

At any rate, we went up through North Platte, stayed overnight there, and chased out along the old Cowboy Line which has been preserved, sans tracks for future use. The future I hope is railroad again with all the coal and oil being moved on the BNSF and UP.

Any Iowa route definitely needs to include a baseball field in the corn, then, or if I'm feeling particularly subversive a cricket pitch!
Back in the early 80's I took a motorcycle trip from Iowa to Kamloops, British Columbia. Had a 2 man pup tent and camera, 7days on the rode sleeping along railroad tracks and taking pictures, spent $75.00 for the whole trip. Not much sleep at night with all of those trains!

That must've been an awesome trip. In the mid-1980s the company I was working for purchased Ontel Corp, and their big list of customers. In 1985 I was working for field service and took a trip to Chicago area. Mt. Prospect actually to fix equipment for Walgreens. For about 2 weeks, I stayed at the Best Western up in Arlington Heights. The motel gave me a room that overlooked the CNW Fox River line and instead of sleeping, I spent the nights watching the parade of Chicagoland commuter trains and CNW freights. :)