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Hi. I have this warning on a route in surveyor i made, ArnLib: File arn_lib, Line 62 er_array out of bounds. Does anyone know what this means.
Thanks, Steve
I'm assuming this is from the red bug - it means that whichever asset is causing the error has tried to access something that's out of it's range in it's script.

Is there a KUID mentioned in the error?

Hi Steve,

This usually means that one of your train cars has a an automatic number range that's too large so when these cars are added to memory for processing, T:ANE times out on the processing in order to keep the simulator from stalling. The problem existed before in TS12 and older versions except those versions didn't complain about it and instead stalled, white screened over and if you clicked you got a not responding message. In the end I would rather have a timeout and no train numbers on the train car in question.

You can check your train cars and look for those without any car numbers. Remove that train car and hopefully the problem will go away, usually. There can be other causes such as another script causing this one to timeout so keep that in mind if removing the broken train car or locomotive doesn't fix the problem.

I've seen that before with other scripts getting stuck. In some cases it's not the one complaining and T:ANE posting the timeouts, it's sometimes another script that's working at the same time, or some other faulty asset that's gumming up the works.