Walmart Container


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I am new to Trainz and looking for Walmart container for Intermodal trains. I have not been able to locate and in hopes that someone can point me in the right direction if there is one available.
Many thanks! Michael

Many Thanks!
I did download and loaded to my content....what is the file name to find the container? The user name looks to be 53ft HC Container Master Mesh. However that name is not showing up. Appreciate any helpful hints.
For my understanding:
These are libraries of containers. The containing container meshes may be used in other asset as mesh or partial mesh. So you will not find the containers as discrete assets.
I don't know where on DLS are container-assets that use this meshes. The release notes let anyone without permission of Trainman10 only use these meshes for its own usage in own local assets.
And that isn't yet what you want, or is?
One way may be create your own containerassets that use the meshes from the library.
Create an asset folder with the config.txt in it, using the library in the mesh-table soup and import your own asset to trainz.
Not very easy, but otherwise not as complicate as it looks the first look. May be there is someone to help you with a suitable asset temlate folder.
See library using too: