W&M and B&O mega route missing deps

Here are the depsUnknown Location: Unknown Location: Unknown Location: Unknown Location: Unknown Location: Unknown Location:
If you are showing unknown kuids, then you probably didn't download all the non DLS content available on the route page. Below is a partial copy of that page with links to all of the non DLS content. I suggest that you download the content, install it, and see what happens.

All dependencies are available on Auran’s download station, with the following exceptions. Prowler’s RGS Ridgway Depot (Kuid:43955:28020) can be downloaded from his website at: San Juan Trainz Works
. Click on Downloads/Structures/Trainz UTC/SP3. (Sorry, I can't supply a direct link.)

Some of the original Hog textures show up as missing dependencies. They are the original Tiger Lines that have been covered by ground texture, and are not necessary to run the route. However, if you want to download them, they are available here

The route shows an additional two missing dependencies: kuid2;126773:21003:2, and kuid2;126773:21005:2. These are TransDEM textures. If you don't have TransDEM installed, they will show up as missing dependencies in Content Manager. I tried to eliminate them in Surveyor by clicking on "Delete Missing Assets", but this created some serious problems, so I left them in. They are not necessary to run the route. If you have TransDEM, they will not show up.

The following dependencies are on the Trainz Pro Routes Download Depot, and Slugsmasher's site, as follows:

Proto Lars Mega Pack http://trainzproroutes.org/tprdownloads/index.php?act=view&id=486

Proto Lars Marker pole http://trainzproroutes.org/tprdownloads/index.php?act=view&id=485
Proto Lars Icon http://trainzproroutes.org/tprdownloads/index.php?act=view&id=484

Slugsmasher's Steam Donkey 1( kuid2:86661:144034:1) and SS MLOG Dry Sort Yard (Kuid2:86661:144007:1)
Look under "Structures and Industries for Dry Sort Yard Industry and Steam Donkey 1.

The route now uses Jointed Rails Dark Gray track, and can be acquired from their website.

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The following Pofig's trees, used in this route, are now available for download. Click on the download button below.

3DE_Pg_EK_Db1_4-2486 Kuid:429786:100115
3D1_Pg_SLD_K2-422 Kuid:429786:100230
3D1_Pg_BMO_D3d_1-868 Kuid:429786:100377
3D1_Pg_BMO_Db5-2303 Kuid:429786:100384
3D1_Pg_EK_EL1-1203 Kuid:429786:100495
3D1_Pg_BMO_Db8-2231 Kuid:429786::100392

3D1_Pg_EK_EL1_2-1135 Kuid:429786:100222
3DE_Pg_EK_D19_1-2978 Kuid:429786:100106
3D1_Pg_SLD_EL1_6-1393 Kuid:429786:1257
3D1_Pg_BMO_D3d-1176 Kuid:429786::100376