Virgin 57/3


Learning... slowly!

I'm re-skinning TMZ06003's Virgin Class 57/3 for personal use only (I've looked in the ReadMe and it seems like he's okay with reskins for that use) which has been about 95% successful. My only problem is that I don't know how to stop the Virgin logos, which are a separate layer to the main body, appearing over the new skin. Can anyone explain how to remove this?

Also, is it easy to move the nameplates so that they are both at the same end of the loco? It's to fit in with the livery.

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Update: I think I've established that of the 4 'nameplates' - namea, nameb, namec and named - two of those are actual nameplates featuring the Thunderbirds names, which I want to keep, and two are the Virgin logo.
Anyone know which are which and how to remove the Virgin ones/move the nameplates?

Also, does tmz06003 still use the forums if I were to pm him?

EDIT: Apparently he can't be PM'd!
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