version 49922 to 61388


Get over it
I'd like to be able to run Neil's new route and to do that I would need to upgrade my version. My question to those who have updated to version 61388, is it worth it and how much trouble was it? Trouble in the way of items needing to be fixed. Thanks.
Is it worth it. In many ways yes because the merge function finally works, and there's the ability to straighten splines such as roads without resorting to the track objects. In other ways it's a pain because there are other things that have been introduced that could be classified as more than just annoying like some of the pauses and poor overall performance.

If you do plan on upgrading, do a full backup of your current install and save that in a safe place such as an external drive. Do the upgrade and plan for a very, very, long process and a huge validation of assets. Once that's done, you should be all set, however, there maybe a handful of errored assets due to some changes in the sound files. This actually fixed some problematic assets for me and the fix is pretty simple.

The alternative is to pick up the really cheap TS12 download which is fully patched. In fact if you installed originally from the download then redownloading will give you the patched version. You can install this and copy in your Userdata, perform an EDR and be up and running. I did this for my last reinstall and it was the least painful.

But... make a backup first of everything. I can't stress this enough!

I did a reinstall last week so I could have 2nd "empty" version of 12 and patching was a nightmare, a first for me. I've never had trouble patching the game from a disk install before, the whole process would take about 3 hours. This time it was different, I couldn't get from 49222 to 61388 no matter how many times I tried, or which patch I used be it incremental or the one big patch between the too. I kept getting a "Files do not match" error in the last stages, I spent an entire day trying. I finally just went and bought a digital from N3V and am glad I did. It took about an hour to download all the files, I did them one at a time just to be sure and then the installation took about 30 minutes.

I have a Collector's Edition box coming for TANE, If updating it will be as much of a crapshoot as 12 was I may get a digital backup for that as well.
John & boc61. Thanks for replying. With the release of T:ANE close at hand I think I'll wait. I just don't feel like messing with things right now. John, if I change my mind exactly what files should I backup? My TRS12 is on a SSD by itself but I have plenty of room on my C drive. I also have an external drive but need to delete some things to make room. Thanks.
Erm..... No need to install and patch to get an empty copy of TS12 61388 all you need do is copy the existing install less Local and original folders, empty local and original folders are created on starting the game, set up a shortcut, run a QDR and you have a clean fully patched version, I've done that with no problems to get a builtin only version that I could just add my own creations and DLS only items to.
John & boc61. Thanks for replying. With the release of T:ANE close at hand I think I'll wait. I just don't feel like messing with things right now. John, if I change my mind exactly what files should I backup? My TRS12 is on a SSD by itself but I have plenty of room on my C drive. I also have an external drive but need to delete some things to make room. Thanks.

You want to backup your UserData folder. This is the complete shebang as in all your downloads, any installed payware, and your own routes and custom stuff.

Hmmm, I did a fresh install a few weeks back, I had to go from 47452 to 48249 then to 49922 and then up to 61388, took a while, but it all went smoothly. Didn't experience any inconvenience or problems. Rebooting after every patch made the difference I think, you cant just install one on top of the last, then I would imagine you could get file version errors and such.
Good luck there.
Advantages and disadvantages... CMP is definitely more stable in 49922 (though some of the cheerleaders will claim they never have any problems), never had it lock up or grey out just as a result of clicking on something while a download is in progress, as happens in 61388. They tweaked the toolset in 61388 to add the spline straighten tool to the non-track pullout menu but... spline points in 61388 have a nasty habit of dropping to ground level if you split sections, rather than maintaining the existing gradient. One bug which did appear to be fixed in 61388 is the propensity for splines to corrupt when attached to fixed objects, a frequent source of much frustration (not just in TS12 either).

So it's horses for courses really. If your interest is primarily in driving or watching trains, then 61388 is probably for you. If you're a "digger" like me then 49922 tends to suit the purpose better. The only caveat to that is I've found some more recent asset uploads to the DLS are created at the version level for 61388 and cannot therefore be used in 49922 routes.
Vern, like you I'm a "digger" as you put it. Yes, I've seen some items or routes that I would be interested in but am unable to download because of my current version. I am getting the boxed T:ANE but plan on waiting before installing to see what problems might pop up. I'm hopping that whatever problems do arise will be minor ones and we all can enjoy the newer Trainz. Here's to hopping.
Eh, 61388.... I've never had any issues with the Content Manager, once you get to know it. It has never died on me unexpectedly (That is to say, if the power goes out, or something else that is likely to cause TADDAEMON to be interrupted, expect the DBR, but thats true for every version of TS). Depending on how Vern meant "Lock up", I have had it stop and think for up to 20-30 seconds (This is an extreme, usually when this happens for me, which is rare its much less), but as long as you don't load up the cache by continually clicking on things it won't Grey out. I have not had it randomly die on me. Personally I found 61388 more stable then 49922. But I only used 49922 for a couple of months.

Doing as JCitron et al have suggested above will alleviate the Content Corruption that can occur with updating.

After that, whats left to waffle about? Do you want to the new content or not? This is no less then the 20th or such post of this nature I've come accross in the last, IDK 2 years? And they almost always start off the same (Amazingly enough they tend to end about the same as well).... We can't make up your mind for you. Back your stuff up if you try, or don't try at all. What do you want to do? In less then a month T:ANE release will come along and add another level of complexity to this whole debate, and sometime in the future after that the DLS will no longer support Trainz Build's below 3.9 (This will be a few years I imagine). T:ANE won't be the last N3V product in the Trainz Franchise, and geez, it might even have half a dozen Service Patches to be released during its active life cycle as well. The pack has upgraded.... The pack will upgrade again, and again after that. Are you gonna run with the Pack? Or go find your own niche somewhere like many of the TPR fans have?

Good Luck,