Upgrade or Replace

Look for recommendations between upgrading or replacing my current desktop. Limited budget ~$100 to upgrade, maybe ~$300 to replace.

Current setup is a AMD E2-3200 dual core, 8g memory & GeForce GT 610. (Lenovo H415). TMR17 works, but ... :eek:

Thinking a new GPU would be the best, cheap option, but not sure if new system may be in order.

I think you will find any upgrade will result in major replacements. Other than the graphics card any obvious CPU upgrade will likely result in the motherboard also requiring replacement due to the CPU socket compatibility. In turn that could also result in the requirement to replace the RAM, and begging the question will the PSU cope with any additional loading and so forth.

I think I would see what your money could purchase as a direct replacement then use the specification of such a replacement to evaluate if you could better that with a rebuild within a similar budget. Peter
Thanks Both! Looks like I need to start looking for a new system, but looking at the charts, even a new cheap GPU would help.