Unknown Asset In Well Cars


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Hello all,

Just bought the CSX YN3 SD70MAC w/ flared radiators yesterday. After tracking down some dependencies I got it working and it's amazing. I am very happy with my first JointedRail product.

While I was there I downloaded several well cars from the freeware section (Maxi IV, etc), imported them into TANE, and several of them are looking for the same missing dependency:

<unknown asset> <kuid2:45324:25503:1>

I installed every dependency package on the JR website I could find, and unless I missed one or it installed incorrectly, this asset doesn't seem to be in any of them. I also installed all the containers (all the 53ft trailers and all the various container lengths) as suggested on the site.

I couldn't pull this KUID up on DLS, nor was it listed on the KUID index. Any ideas where I can find this asset?