UK Screenshots (Hi Res Version)




A few progress shots from Cornwall.
The Gunnislake branch is being rebuilt with LIDAR ground data, much of the scenery is being replaced as well, the Plymouth to Sandways crossing section (North of Calstock) being done so far.

And The Newquay branch Trees are having a few different types added as well as Lineside bushes and plants adding, currently the Newquay to Luxulyan section is done.


Looking SE from near Gunnislake


Looking SE from above Sandways Crossing, the Calstock viaduct seen to the right. The line takes the long way around snaking around the hillside to drop to the height of the viaduct.


The Luxulyan Valley looking NW with the Treffry viaduct in view.


Slightly further down the valley.


It's a good job we've got the number.
We might not be able to tell the hut just from it's description...
More WIP's, these are from Ron's class 45 and class 40 meshes, textured and imported into trainz. Thanks, Ron for these wonderful meshes.



Fantastic work :)

Thanks to all involved in helping me getting the shape of the diesel noses correct, namely Stovepipe/Charles and 2995Valliant/Anthony.

Really great to see this stuff Ron (and Joseph). We've got good existing class 45 and 40 models in Trainz (despite their age), but PBR is the way of the future if we want to get the best results in the new game environment so I hope these models will see the light of day. Now, what about a class 20.....? 😜

The work on that bogie is some of the most intricate I've ever seen - I hope that extreme LOD is being used! I did see class 83s back in the day though they were quite rare (only 14).

Polycount is over 600k, so yes, a lot of optimization, reduction, and aggressive LOD reduction is going to be needed.
I'm sure many of you are aware of my Edinburgh Glasgow route being corrupted but after taking a while to 'cool down', I've started working on replacing lost scenery and making some improvements. The main difference is that the route will now end just north of Larbert and North Queensferry, meaning Stirling and Dunblane won't be included. If I don't do this, I doubt it would ever see the light of day.

I haven't converted it to HD terrain at this point as I'm still experiencing too many issues to make it viable.

Anyway, this is a shot of the former ash silos at the north end of Larbert, a rake of PCAs waiting for collection. The silos are now long gone and a Notwork Fail training centre now sits on the site. The original station building is now marooned without rails, the newer station being a hundred metres or so further south.