UK Screenshots (Hi Res Version)

That's a nice looking screenshot Paul with the townscape beyond the station. I've even been known to drive a blue livery DMU from the cab before now.

Ex-GWR AEC diesel railcar on the Ashington branch.

Revisiting a previous screenshot of mine, this is a before and after of Croy. Just have to sort the other side of the tracks now.


Brilliant shots pfx, I love seeing before and after pictures of areas that are under development as it's interesting to see the progress that has been made, and these looks great!

Some from me of 33111 on a very short engineer's train consisting of a single longfit wagon and a brakevan. As this was run on an empty session there are some shots here from angles different to the usual shots as there is no rolling stock in the way. Unfortunately, it also rather puts the focus on the 33 which, at the grand old age of 20 is beginning to show its age!






Great shops from Swanage there PLP! I rode the real thing yesterday - great class 121 'Bubble Car' but shame about the weather. It's one of those railways I've wanted to visit for a long time. I will enjoy pottering around on your Trainz version later.

Kind regards,

Thanks! Its my practice/trial route based on an old Cyril Freezer layout plan. I've had it on the go since 2009, but maybe I should think about releasing it?

PLP, can I ask what the ground texture is you're using in the first and last shot please?

Ground textures are one thing I never really download as it's too hard to tell from a thumbnail, exactly what you're going to get and many appear in game completely differently to the thumbnails.

Hi Innis,

They're not yet available I'm afraid but hopefully they may be available at some point in the future. I agree they are fantastic though, the new HD terrain really brings a route to life and with the PBR textures now behaving they look stunning!


Hi TrainzFan66,

It's not actually my route - another user has handed it across to finish it off and get it to a point where it's release ready. Aside from tinkering with a few bits such as the terrain and changing some assets over, what you see is what was handed to me initially so it's already a very good route.


Some from me of a class 70 on a ballast working to Swanage; ballast is easier to deliver via rail and saves congestion on the narrow roads around Corfe Castle. The train will be stabled at Furzebrook before being used on the railway.

These shows include the new Ealnos wagons DLC from N3V. I saw they were available to download so I did so and they're very nicely done, several livery options and custom sounds add depth to the models so well done N3V.