UK Routes

I have recently uploaded both TS12 and T:ANE versions of a small route, BCR Reedsmouth and Bellingham. While it is a short section of North British Railway secondary line (The Border Counties Railway) most of it was in NE England and went in to the Southern Scottish section of the LNER. I have based it in the 1930s/1940s LNER era and you get both a single platform through station and a three platform junction station to manage. At Reedsmouth Junction there is a two road engine shed, a carriage siding, a branch turntable for 0-6-0 locos, four goods loops and a headshunt. Two loco coal spurs and two goods spurs complete the junction station. If you read up on the BCR you will see that the army ranges at Otterburn and Armstrong's ranges near West Woodburn provided plenty of traffic. Special troop trains from both England and Scotland, military vehicles, horses, ammunition, guns and stores were all found on the line. Livestock (horses, cattle and sheep) were a source of traffic, if not in huge numbers and edh6 has produced some good cattle vans and horse boxes for the DLS. West Woodburn station on the Wansbeck branch also had a significant domestic coal traffic and it served a wide hinterland in rural Northumberland.