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Where can i find a tutorial or an idiots guide to creating route using dem or something like that. Please excuse i did know my post was posted.

George "theedge2k" Flatman
Wewain's guide to Hog/DEM is here. Not quite idiot proof, but only because it refers to older versions of some software than are currently available. A darn good tute though despite that. It contains links to every program you need (all freeware) and step by step instructions on downloading, installing and using them. Also links to freely available data. If you get stuck on any of the out-of-date stuff, there is plenty of help in the fourum.

If you mean to do the route creation thing seriously though, I would give a big think to Geophil's 'Transdem', see this thread. It is payware, but worth every penny...

Andy :)
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