tunnel trouble


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I'm having a bit of an issue setting up Pencil42's grey rock face tunnel portals not being big enough to cover the digholes.



Any tips to work around this issue? I really like these bare rock tunnels, and I'd rather use these then those ancient wood braced tunnels from way back in 06.
I usually use a variety of hill, cliff, and fill splines - as well as rocks and vegetation to fill the gaps. Here's a quick mockup using some of Dan Gavel's stuff:

Euromodeller also has some splines and matching ground textures you can place that blend perfectly to hide what's ground and what's spline. Adding wing walls can help (either bespoke assets or wall splines with one end low and the other high)

Takes some work but ultimately looks much better than the tunnels like that which have an ultra thick portal that plugs the hole completely.

Oh and when you get to placing trees and other things to dress up the fake terrain you make with splines, put everything on its own layer and lock it. That lets you fiddle with the small stuff without accidently grabbing anything big that is part of the scene.
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