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TTode Help On Triggers!!!

:eek: Newbie. TRS 2006. Ver 2.5 (Build 2761). I have a problem setting triggers. In fact I do not know/understand what I am reading from the manual. Either I am dumber than mud, good chance of that, or the manual isn’t clear enough. I am setting up an logging session from the landing to the sawmill for unloading. Triggers are not working or the solution is staring me in the face & I can’t see it. Any advice or direction will be warmly received.
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Triggers? They can make stuff happen Like: A puff of steam. Time start going faster. (Don't quote me on that.)

Do Stuff Yourself!!! It's much more fun. :) And the damn AL can derail them self in a blink of your eye!

But if your making a 155 baseboard route that's a Super-Mega-Hit on the DLS. Your going to need someone more ... Smarter than me.

So forget Triggers.

But if your taller than mud you must be smarter than mud.
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That was basicicly what I am asking. When I plunk a trigger on the track how do I indicate what it is to do? How do I tell that trigger that I want a "puff of smoke"? :D
Thank you one & all

I found the problem. Old Blunder Butt(me) was stacking track on trackl and couldn't see it.

Thanks again.
Steve P