I dont know if this is supposed to go here but I need help with reskinning a SD40-2


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I have a Jointed Rail EMD SD40-2 BN 1a and I'm trying to remake EMD SD40-2 SWPC 415 out of BN 1a's skin in gimp but I'm having issues with making all of the layers I want. I don't remember how to use all of gimps functions because it's been so long since I used gimp 2.5 or what ever version back in 2014 - 2015 school year. If any one has a blank Psd reskin kit of BN 1a I would be willing to work for it or make some form of deal. Yes SWPC will be used for personal use until someone at Jointed Rail can get it approved to be released for public use as I am attempting to get to work on Socalwb's route to finish it and expand from the Victorville Cemex Cement plant to Apple Valley Cemex Cement plant (Black Mountain Mine), out the the Mojave sub, and to Landcaster Palmdale area for the UP line. Any help is welcomed. I'm really having a hard time with GIMP. Reason why I'm reskinning BN 1a to SWPC 415 is because the newer mesh has animating doors and windows while the older one from UP desert Victory doesn't have it at all.