TS20222 Sound issue

TS2022 Sound issue

I have only been using this version for a short while but find that the sound comes & goes. I have noticed it seems to happen when a track object comes along such as a whistle board. I have tried using different versions of objects such as the whistle board with little difference. Also a change of speed limit seems to have an impact. The PC I am using is only three month old 7 I have tried adjusting the sound settings.

I wonder if any one else is having the same problems or is it just me & some setting needs adjusting. It is spoiling the running Trainz experience at present.
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Thank you pware & I have followed your suggestion which has made a massive improvement. Also the trains seem to be running better also now that I have updated.
Thank you for the feedback and I am happy that it has been sorted. Free user advice and assistance is one of the benefits of the Trainz forums.