TS12 would like some advise before purchase.


Hi guys, I would be grateful for some advise about buying TS12, my rig runs trainz 2009/10 very comfortably. My OS is 32 bit Vista, so have to be careful I am not buying more than the ole girl can handle! I would like to hear from TS12 owners on how their PC's handled this new boy? Thanks in anticipation.
If your machine can handle TS2010, it can handle TS12. I'm glad I bought mine before the SP1 patch was released so that I can use my DLC, though I don't know if you can get pre-SP1 versions anymore. I always buy boxed sets when available versus download straight from SimulatorCentral. In short, you should be fine. As always, though, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary.)
My computer handles TS2010 very well. I get excellent, steady FPS of about 25-30 on ECML.

TS12 is another story. I get 5 FPS max on ECML in it. And I cannot run the Lite version of Potteries Loop Line at anything above 10 FPS with about 6 being average. :'(

What could possibly be the cause of this? It seems to be the opposite of everyone else's experiences.

My Zoostorm gaming rig (2GB of ram) handles TS12 reasonably well as during previous installations and route building.

The PC should handle it better now that I'm using a widescreen monitor and since a recent upgrade of the HD graphics adapter to the very latest hardware version for it from the official Intel downloads website. TS12, when doing its initial diagnostic tool check passed everything with flying colours.

How much RAM does your PC have? From what you say, it sounds like memory indigestion, to go from 30 fps down to 6 fps, is clogged up to say the least. I can only humbly suggest adding more RAM to get things moving again. Thank you for your reply and comments on TS12.