TS12 Southern China - Missing Catenary?


I have moved the Southern China route from TS12 to Tane and suddenly noticed that on the north end of the map the track has catenary on the double track until it gets to the first yard which has no catenary (except for 2 gantry sections on it's southern end). after leaving the yard on the south end the catenary starts again on the double track.
A check of a clean install TS12 also shows this catenary as missing - strange never noticed it before!!!

Thought to mention this in case I have some fault in my clean TS12 install - it is fixable - but as always a pain in the rear.
That's interesting. I wonder if that would mean running dual power with diesels along with the electrics then cutting in the electrics once they get back under the wires.
I would hazard a guess that the route had the missing catenary in the first place - no one has come back to tell me that their copy has the catenary in-place at where I mentioned - by the way it is also missing at the south end but that is a termination line and not unusual in routes.

Doubt that the Chinese would run a diesel and an electric combo anywhere unless it was as a tow engine for breakdowns.
I really like that Southern China route, but i can't findit on the Download Station anywhere - Author Sheng0579 - ...how do you move stuff from one version to another please?
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