TS12 sessions ignore some of my trackmarks, but not otjhers ??


I have constructed a largish "N" gauge layout as a design exercise. It is supposed to be a fully automated main line system plus very active single line branch with passing places. The branch works almost perfectly with the signalling system I have come up with, as does the main line, which trains at 60 mph take 10 minutes to complete one lap ! (It is about 10 scale miles long)

My problem comes in handling consists in the large and complex through station. I program each one via the driver commands, and that includes specifying certain inbound track routes to reach a given platform. However, just some of the trackmarks I have put in to allow that control are just ignored by TS12 trains. EG: a train headed to "Platform 2 DOWN STOP" point needs to go via "Stn Approach 2 DOWN" otherwise it cannot get there. it is only forcing it to make a pretty simple choice when the DOWN line splits into two at the station approach roads. I have moved the trackmarks around, remade them and positioned them, but nothing seems to make them visible to TS12

Anyone got any idea, or is it just another of the many bugs i am finding in TS12 ?

If anyone wants me to upload the full CDP of my "Swiss approaches" layout I am more than happy to do so.
Hi Ian,

Have you tried using some direction markers? These act as no entry signs and force the AI to drive in a specific direction. You can also try using the Drive To instead of the Navigate To commands as these are more to the point, I think and may prevent some of this behavior.

Hi Ian

Have you tried either of the path rules by _mutton_ or brummfondel and their associated driver commands? These allow you to set the paths to the platform that you want. The one by brummfondel has a Path Trigger rule which can be used in conjunction with it to automatically set the path from a single driver command such as Autodrive to P2. I've used these at King's Cross on the ECML route to automatically set paths into any of the 13 platforms that can be used.

The downside of the brummfondel system is that it needs all of the signals along a path to be named for it to work, but as it is a route that you have created then that shouldn't be too difficult to do. On the ECML I had to clone the route and ensure that all of the signals on the main line were named but it was worth it to me for the control that it gives. No more AI stopping to think about what it should do next.

If you're interested in the brummfondel rule he still has a website with brief descriptions of some of his rules and driver commands http://www.js-home.org/trainz/index.php but he is no longer active within Trainz.

If the above isn't what you are looking for there is also the SCS2013 rule which is highly versatile with various conditional commands but it is totally different from the normal driver commands and has a very steep learning curve as it uses an external editor to enter it's own driver commands. This is also path based and using an early beta version of it I had an automated control for King's Cross station (present day track layout) which searched for an empty platform and selected the appropriate route into and out of it. It's not quite as straightforward as it seems as there are conflicting paths which needed to be avoided.

I would suggest trying the brummfondel rule first if you are happy to ensure that all of the signals are named around your main station. There is some work involved in setting it all up but I get a lot of satisfaction in watching an automated route functioning as it should.

Pguy has a number of driver commands for finding empty platforms and sidings which are also very useful in these situations.

All of these rules and driver commands are on the DLS or built in to TS12. If any of this interests you and you require further help then post back here and I'll try to assist further.


Hi John
I tried using Drive TO, but that only gives me industries to select from ? I cannot use direction signs in ti instance as the track is also used in 2 way mode from time to time.
Hi John
I tried using Drive TO, but that only gives me industries to select from ? I cannot use direction signs in ti instance as the track is also used in 2 way mode from time to time.

The Drive to Track Mark is not the same as Drive To... (industry/station list). See if this might work.

Too bad though on the direction markers that can be an issue. Instead you might want to try Brian's solution using the path rules.

Outside of that, I don't know unless they are pigeons and you can drop a line of bread crumbs. :)

I am not sure what the problem is but it is not clear if you have tried:
Drive Via Trackmark Stn Approach 2 DOWN
Drive To Trackmark Platform 2 DOWN STOP
Navigate Via Trackmark Stn Approach 2 DOWN
Navigate To Trackmark Platform 2 DOWN STOP
Both of these should work. You may need to place additional trackmarks before Stn Approach 2 DOWN depending on the complexity of trackwork (and signalling) before this trackmark.

Hope this helps
I have only used the Navigate VIA/TO command, as I was not aware of the Drive VIA/To commands availability, I will check for it today.
Very strange things going on.
I decided to cut down the train lengths a bit as they were often overhanging the previous signal on the platforms.
GUESS WHAT - it "seems" to have fixed it in a quick test. Miore testing to come, plus trying the DriveTo commands./

Thanks guys for feedback so far, will keep you posted on my findings as I test further.