Tryna get back in Trainz, recommendations?


''Trainz Veteran''
Gone on a bit of hiatus with Trainz, but I've recently come back and I've been posting screenshots in the UK Pre BR Blue and the weekly competitions. I do wanna try out some new content, but I don't have an FCT and I'm not sure if I have enough money to buy more than one or two (?) DLC packages. My main interest is the UK, but I'm also interested in Wetsern Europe and a tiny bit of American, and I'm starting to grow a bit of an interest in Japanese railways. Any recommendations on where to get new content? Preferably free, but I could probably spend a little money

Thank you, and enjoy your day!
<kuid2:622685:101978:1> Central Europe TRS19 v0.96 (I think this is the latest version) is an excellent EU route. Most of the items can be found on the DLS and from the TRS19 DLCs that came with the TRS19 purchase. You'll also need the TANE DLC packages as well and if you own TANE then you are entitled to these automatically.
If you want some NA routes, I have several payware ones that you can view from my website / Trainz store by entering my username into the search field (self-promotion lol).
Andrushivka - Vinnitsa UZ is another good payware route that's set in Ukraine that might be worth checking out.

as for a FCT, you can always grab a 7 day pass for $4.49 ;)

I know I don't have many suggestions as I'm a route creator so I prefer creating my own rather than playing on other created routes these days. Back in the days however it was the other way around :D

Some recent free offerings include WeddinNSW V5.1: Blayney-Galong-Cootamundra (DLS), Chapaevo 3.3 (third Party), NSW Donneybrook Branch (DLS), ADLR6 L&B UK Narrow Gauge V1 (DLS), Denmark - a part of Tane (DLS), Dintdale Road (DLS), Kent East Sussex Railway 2022 (DLS), ADLR5 - Northern Metro V1.19 (DLS), and others. Have a look at the freeware forums below to get more ideas.