Trying to fix errors with Alfred in Trainz 2019


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Hi, I am trying to get Alfred the Loaned Engine working in Trainz 2019 for my son. I am having a hard time of it! I think I have managed to fix the texture errors using the ImagetoTPG program, but I still have some errors I can't fix, and some assets have no errors but still say they are faulty. I have posted the errors below. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. My son is autistic and is desperate to get it working, and I am completely out of my depth! Thanks in advance. Jodi

Errors in engine:

- <kuid:268447:4970> : VE17: Attachment point 'att' in 'driver' must be found in mesh 'asset_body/'.

- <kuid:268447:4970> : VE132: The attachment point 'a.driver' must belong to the parent mesh of the effect (mesh=asset_body/

Error in tender:

- <kuid:268447:4974> : VE20: Mesh 'load' referenced in 'queues/load-coal' was not found within the mesh table.

Face textures has only a warning, but says faulty:

! <kuid:268447:1753> : VE48: This asset uses an obsolete trainz-build number. Trainz-build numbers below 3.5 are no longer supported.
The easiest way to remove the errors is to simply remove the reference to the driver in the mesh table for the loco and the queues reference to "load". That will mean that the nominated driver will not be seen and neither will the coal load. The warning for the tender is not an issue. If you were to update the trainz build to 3.5 or later then you are likely to get errors.

The more difficult solution is to add an attachment called "a.driver" using PEV's AttachmentMaker program. I don't have the asset so I cannot tell if the mesh load is present or not. It may have a different name. That asset isn't on the Download Station.
Hi Paul, thanks for the help. For some reason I couldn't get it to work in 2019 but I opened it in 2012 and did what you suggested then exported and re-did the textures and have at least got the engine working. Still working on the tender, but my son is very happy. Thanks again, Jodi