TRS2004 TRS2006 And Multiple Hard Drives.


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I have both TRS2004 and TRS2006 installed. Besides the original HD, I have 3 externals HDs, two of them from my old computer.
I've spent a good deal of time today trying to figure out why downloads for TRS2006 through CMP were showing up in TRS2006 when it was launched from CMP, but weren't showing up when TRS2006 was launched from the icon on the desktop. They're automatically commited when I launch from CMP.
Lookig at TrainsHelper in the Bin folder of TRS2004, I saw TRS2006 was listed 3 times and TRS2004 listed two times in the Trainz Product Window.
Looking at all three TRS2006 listings and looking at the Path for each one, I discovered that one routed the downloads to the C drive, another to the H drive and the third one to the K drive. This just showed up, as previously, TRS2006 showed up just one in the Trainz Product Window and was routed to the C drive.
With TRS2004, one download route was to the C drive and the other to the K drive.
That explains why 3 downloads, today, did not show in the desktop icon from the C drive launch, but did in the CMP launch AND the H drive launch of TRS2006. The download route was to the H drive.
So I'm going to have to double check the routing in TrainzHelper from now on when downloading.
My trainz beast as trainz on 3 HDD's . but they are all internal - each diffrent version of trainz has its own drive 04 06 and TC, not to mention the boot drive with the OS and such on it.